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Types of Virtual Events

Virtual events came into existence ever since the evolution of web 2.0. But was only restricted to a specific set of attendees. With the advent of a hazardous virus of COVID-19 in 2020, restrictions have been imposed on mass gatherings and travelling to ensure safety. It resulted in the cancellation of various events planned months ago. Here, virtual events came as an aid and prevented businesses from dipping down in the time of the global health crisis. However, a sudden increase in virtual events in 2020 has been recorded.

Embracing virtual hybrid events is the only option left with organisations and businesses around the world to keep going. Organisations that have never thought about hosting online events are leveraging virtual event solutions. Creating an effective virtual event planning and strategy to host a successful virtual event has become an integral part of every industry. Big names in the market such as johnsons and johnsons, Apple, Twitch con hosted virtual events on virtual event platforms. These are some of the popular virtual event examples of brands that showcased their latest offerings to audiences globally.

Rise of Virtual Events Platform

Face-to-face interactions will always remain a part of event strategy. But virtual events have closely replicated the same to some extent by offering a greater set of benefits. A sudden spike in the ratio of virtual events and an increasing number of virtual events platforms says it all. There is no doubt about the fact that virtual hybrid events are here to stay for long and the future of the event industry.

Planning to host a virtual conference, meeting, product launch, job fair, trade show, or any other type of virtual event, a comprehensive virtual event platform serves all. All types of virtual events are carried out on interactive and engaging platforms. Wider reach, increased participation, better engagements, greater ROI, data tracking, etc are some of the top benefits of virtual events. In this post, we have enumerated different virtual events types that can be organised by a presenter on a virtual event platform. To know more, scroll down and read on:

What are the different Types of Virtual Events?

Today, online virtual event platforms have become the new venue to organise any event and reach global audiences seamlessly. Any event that is hosted on-ground at a physical venue can be replicated virtually on a virtual event platform. We have listed some types of virtual events that are hosted online during a pandemic and are here to stay for the long run.

#1. Virtual Conferences/Summits and Meetings

Physical conferences and meetings never tick the mark of full attendance and attendee participation. They are organised at a physical venue that involves a group of people to discuss business goals and objectives. A conference with full attendance is nearly impossible with physical meetings. Where virtual conferences and meetings offer many more perks that are far beyond the reach of in-person conferences.

Virtual conferences or meetings enable organisations to reach global delegates, business partners, attendees, shareholders, remote employees virtually in real-time. The engaging and interactive tools offered by the platform helps in boosting engagements. Virtual conferences and meetings enable attendees to tune in from their remote locations from any device or browser. Moreover, attendees can connect and network with other attendees, speakers, hosts, etc. in real-time via live audio/video chat functionality.

Apart from it, virtual conferencing enables the presenter to invite key speakers from different locations. When compared to traditional meetings, conferences, and summits virtual events need less manpower. With virtual conferences, you can simply invite speakers, track sessions, organise live polls, and so on. The platform enables two-way communications in real-time via live audio-video chat functionality

#2. Virtual Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Same as any other physical event, trade shows and exhibitions can be organised online on a virtual event platform. It offers enormous opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their offerings to a wide spectrum of audiences globally. However, resulting in brand awareness.

A 3D virtual event platform enables exhibitors and sponsors to set up a customisable virtual booth suiting their requirements. Attendees can access the trade fair from any corner of the world and have discussions with virtual booth representatives via live audio, video, or keyboard chat in real-time. However, virtual trade shows and exhibitions result in generating better-qualified leads and improved ROI.

#3. Online Courses/ Workshops

Online courses or workshops are one of the most popular online events that are in prevalence for some time now. This includes a series of sessions or courses that allow participants to take a certification course online from their respective geographic locations. Courses or workshops hosted on a virtual event platform enables attendees to have one-on-one interactions with the trainer via live audio/video chats. It allows them to ask their queries, share screens, and more. A virtual event platform allows students to take online classes, practice tests, and so on.

#4. Webinars

A webinar is an online replication of a physical seminar. It involves a gathering of people where a host or speaker delivers or presents a speech or a lecture to the crowd. Webinars are an effective medium to reach a large audience segment at a time. Webinars hosted on a virtual event platform enables attendees to download the presentation once it gets over. It enable virtual attendees to ask their questions to the speaker over the chat in real-time.

#5. Virtual MeetUps

On-ground meetups hold their own significance. The worth of face-to-face interactions and handshakes can never be beaten. But virtual meetups are the best way to connect and network in real-time with the people you share common interests with. The platform enables you to keep your meetups private by only enabling invited attendees to access the same.

#6. Virtual Music Concerts

Music concerts can be organised online and are counted as one of the virtual event types. It allows the audience to enjoy the concert at their own convenience from the comfort of their own space. It even allows the performer to perform from the comfort of their own home or can stream live from a studio.

#7. Job and Career Fairs

Same as in-person fairs, career fairs, and job fairs can be organised online on a virtual event platform. Virtual fairs enable recruiters and hiring managers to seek top talent across the globe. It enables experienced job seekers to come in contact with top leading organisations in real-time virtually from remote locations. The platform enables them to have one-on-one interactions with the preferred organisation booth to discuss the qualifications and most suited job roles.

#8. Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything is an online session between a guest speaker and attendees. It enables attendees to ask questions to expert speakers in real-time. In the “ask me anything session”, expert speakers even answer the pre-submitted questions.

#9. University Events

Various university events such as alumni fair, networking fair, etc. can be hosted online on a virtual event platform. It enables universities to get in touch with prospective students globally. Universities can showcase the culture, infrastructure, admission structure, etc. to the prospective students virtually. It enables them to get in touch with the faculty. Whereas universities can even organise events online that enable freshers to get in touch with the top leading organisations virtually. Here is more on Virtual Events Vs Physical Events.

#10. Product Launches

Online product launches are one of the virtual event types. Organising product launches on a virtual event platform allows your latest offerings to reach a wide spectrum of audiences globally. A cost-effective and time efficient way to reach a mass population, thus resulting in brand awareness.

As virtual has become a new normal, virtual & hybrid events are growing enormously and have much to offer. The percentage of virtual event platforms has skyrocketed suddenly in 2020, all due to the halt of the global pandemic. But all thanks to technology, here we are to keep the events going for 2020 and beyond!

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