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The Return of On-Ground Events: What’s New

The return of on-ground events! And the face-to-face meetings, just like in the traditional old days. Yes, you are reading it right on-ground events are going to be organised just like pre-pandemic. Now there is no need to sit in front of computer screens for a longer time as the on-ground are back in the game.

There are many things that have changed in a few years, like the dependability of the internet, which has seen an increase. There are many services offered in the market which are creating a seamless experience for the audience. On-ground event management is quite an integral part of events these days as there are many advancements being introduced. As I wrote in the title, “What’s new?” Here we are going to reveal all the new aspects of event management and new aspects of on-ground events.

What’s New In On-ground Events?

The internet has opened doors to various key functions and advantages for adding virtual components in an on-ground event. The addition of virtual components is a significant move for the whole event.

There are many on-ground event ideas in terms of adding virtual and online touches for a seamless experience for the audience. Additionally, lowering the effort of the event host gives an array of benefits, such as higher audience satisfaction and increased engagement. For example, Earlier there was a hectic registration process, and the audience had to stand in long queues. Also, events were restricted to a limited audience, but now on-ground events can be live-streamed or be organised as a hybrid event.

New In On-ground Events

All these combined will increase the reach and the more the reach better the ROI and conversion rate. If your event is somehow related to trade fairs, expos or something commercial then it is best to introduce on-ground event management service providers like Dreamcast. As with us, you will find all the on-ground event solutions under one roof, which we have mentioned below;

On-Ground Events Ideas

The best ideas are those that make you stand out from the crowd and make you look different. Here we have come up with those ultimate on-ground event ideas which will not just benefit you but make your event an unforgettable memory for all your guests. Let’s deep dive into the ideas that can increase the efficiency of your efforts in making all the perfect event dynamics.

Simplifying the Registration Process

Every event for the audience starts from the registration and lets make the process easier for them from the beginning. As discussed above, there was a time when one needed to stand in a queue for registration. But now there is no need for that. You can simply make an online registration page and prompt it over different channels or simply send a link to your potential audience for an easy registration process.

Online Event Registration

There is no need to stand in queues. As simply by going over the internet and on the registration form your audience can register themselves for the event. Now there is no hassle to visit event offices for registration. Additionally, you can build a ‘microsite’ which can be fully customised as per the requirement and needs of the event.

Online Event Registration

If you are organising an event which costs your audience then simply adding a third-party integration application, particularly for payment can easily make it simple for them to register and get tickets. Not necessarily the payment applications only, even if you have any collaboration with any platform or sponsor or any other application can be integrated to make an effortless procedure.

Coming again to the point of a microsite, the site you build for the event can also be a great source of sharing information about the event and what the audience can expect. This is definitely going to grab your audience’s attention and will create a sense of understanding about the itinerary, guests (if any), and other aspects of your on-ground event.

On-spot Event Registration

Just like the old traditional way anyone can register themselves on the same day, as the heading itself suggests on-spot event registration. But there is a catch in online registration one can have pre-registered but here you need to register yourself on the same. For a better understanding take the example of movie tickets. We all know when we book tickets online, it gives a sense of satisfaction and no agitation of all tickets getting booked.

On-spot Event Registration

However, with an on-ground event management solution, you don’t have to worry as there are immediate registration processes for on-spot registrants too. The example is just to make you understand the importance of incorporating online event registration.

Whatsapp Automation

We all use WhatsApp. Right! And what about integrating this into your on-ground event? WhatsApp automation is one of the best tools you can introduce. It will make your user journey quite easier by sending them timely updates about the event that can be useful to them. In addition to sending updates, you can customise messages and even can send feedback forums to get reviews for understanding the success of your on-ground event.

QR- Based Access Management

This is one of the best things ever you will find to introduce to your in-person event. There is strong evidence that proves that managing the event is not an easy thing, and allowing the different segment audience from one area to another area during an event needs a lot of checking and approval. Ultimately leading to a time-consuming process.

QR- Based Access Management

When you hire an in-person event platform and online registration portal they allow you to generate a unique QR over an M-Badge for every registrant. Additionally, there is a system called “zapping. This system allows the approval of registrants to enter the event premise after scanning the QR. So, you don’t need to worry about access management. QR-based event management is best to use in an event making it comfortable for the event host and the audience too.

Mobile Event App For On-Ground Events

In this digital world there are plenty of applications for an array of purposes and without a doubt, they ease our lives. So, why not make a custom app for your event? This application will help them in multi-dimensional ways, firstly all the information regarding the date, day, time, speakers, and different sessions will be easily available in audience smartphones. Furthermore, it can be used to share any other information about your sponsors as well as you can add logos, visual graphics, gifs and types of content.

These are a few of the on-ground events ideas which are effective and surely increase the user experience and ease down lots of work of the event host. Now we are going to discuss the virtual dynamics that can be used in an on-ground event that can broaden your audience count. If you are guessing about live streaming or using the hybrid event platform, you are right. But here the point is not limited to just introducing such things but a result-oriented implementation too.

Virtual Event Extension To On-ground Event

The best part about the virtual world is that the opportunities are seamless and you can connect with people all around the world. The charm of the on-ground event is still there but the added advantage that a virtual event gives is higher than we expect.

Streaming your on-ground events is the best way to increase your audience reach, as there are tons of people who always look forward to attending such events. If we start from the reason then there are many, let’s say attending a virtual event, watching live streaming or attending a hybrid event does not require travelling, no accommodation required, and reduces the carbon footprint as well.

Three reasons are quite enough to make up your mind to add a virtual event extension to your on-ground event. Let’s start one-by-one;

Live Stream Your On-Ground Event

Live streaming is as simple as opening your camera and showcasing the event over social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and others. But if you are doing a professional event or on a bigger level, then Dreamcast is here for you. We offer multi-channel live streaming services for your event and you can even add a customised interface and logo over the wall. Additionally, consider live chat features to better communicate with your live streaming audience. This will build a relationship between you and your brand as well as increase credibility and establish trustworthiness.

Make Your On-ground Event Into a Hybrid Event

A hybrid event refers to an event which has both in-person and virtual vent components. Any event can be converted into a hybrid event by using a hybrid event platform. A hybrid event can be anything from a simple conference to a product launch event, meeting or an exhibition. A hybrid event is a replica of your on-ground event in virtual dynamics. The attendees can attend the event in real-time and enjoy all the valuable sessions, expos, and everything the same as an in-person event.

Moreover, there are many interactive features like live chats, quizzes, polls, and others for the entertainment of hybrid audiences. Anyone who can’t attend the in-person event can just attend the hybrid event from anywhere in the world. This way, no one will miss your event and you will get more audience engagement.

The one factor that everyone says is the biggest benefit of the on-ground events is that they can easily increase their networking. And that’s the right perception. So, let’s understand if networking is possible over hybrid events or if it is just bounded with in-person event dynamics only.

Opportunities for Networking

Opportunities are never less or more. It is the same for all, just the only difference lies in how you find that and how much hard work you do to achieve it. As opportunities can be created. Ohh sorry! I may be sounding like a preacher, Okay let’s get to the point. Nowadays you can interconnect the virtual audience with your on-ground audience via the app (that we are talking about above). There are many chats, calling features and interactive elements like chat rooms, ground discussion, lounges and others where both segment audiences can interact with each other.

Opportunities for Networking

Nothing to worry about you can still interact with each other and build your networking without a doubt. If you still have any doubt about how it is going to work. Feel free to contact us or book your demo with Dreamcast.

Easy Access to Event Analytics, Metrics and Reports

Event analytics are considered the most important part of an event as it tells the success of your event from the audience’s perspective. This is also a crucial factor to identify as it gives lots of learning opportunities and information to improve and leg point. So what are the points and reports that an on-ground event management solution  will help you to get?

There is an array of information and detailed reports you can get like a signature wall (audience notes), meeting insights, audience footprint, feedback and recommendations from the audience. Additionally, the whole audience database is from the registrations (ranging from names to contact details and others) and last reviews. This way, you can get a whole idea about the number of people, their interests, and important aspects.

Go Green With In-Person Event Management Solutions

A step is the beginning of every successful journey or revolutionary movement. If you are one of those who do care about the environment, which I believe you are. Then introducing the virtual components is the best idea to decrease the carbon. This way you are not just reducing the paper (ultimately trees), but also by making it a hybrid event you are also empowering people to take their decision.


Now you have complete knowledge of various on-ground event ideas that can make your event successful and impactful. The easiest way to grab the global audience is taking help from Dreamcast. We have unlimited engagement, interactive and networking opportunities that can completely change your user experience and make your event more immersive. So what are you waiting for? Get a free demo today.

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