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10 Questions To Ask While Choosing Virtual Event Platform

As the world started to deal with the global pandemic, the virtual has become the new normal. The percentage of online virtual events has increased exponentially well over the past few months. With the impact of COVID-19 people are pushed to maintain social distancing to prevent the transmission of the fatal virus. The bans have been imposed on travelling and public gatherings, resulting in a complete stop in physical events with large gatherings. Transforming live physical events into a visually rich virtual environment is the only option left with businesses and organisations to keep going. To host a virtual event and connect & network with global attendees in real-time, selecting the right technology is a must.

The Perfect Virtual Event Technology

Today, the internet is flooded with ample virtual event platforms that offer engaging and interactive virtual event services. Selecting the right one out depends on the needs and demands of your business needs. Whether you are planning to organise a virtual conference, town hall meetings, annual general meetings, virtual trade shows, job fairs, product launch, etc. a comprehensive virtual event platform serves all.

By leveraging the right virtual event platform you take your online virtual event up to the next level. Right from automated emails to organise live webcasting, a virtual event platform is a must to have if you aim to organise a professional online virtual event. Virtual events organised on a comprehensive virtual event platform helps in reaching global delegates remotely & deliver immersive experiences to attendees.

While making a final call in choosing the virtual event platform, ask the right set of questions to the service provider. Ensure beforehand that the platform consists of the right features you need for your event or not. However, virtual event platforms offer ample features, but check out for the features that benefit your online virtual event. In this post, we have listed a few questions you need to have on hand. Ask your virtual event platform service provider a certain set of questions before finalising the one. By asking these questions you will grasp a better knowledge about the platform. It helps you to discern between the platforms & find out the perfect fit for your professional online virtual event.

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Questions To Ask Virtual Event Platform Service Provider

There are a large number of virtual event platform service providers available in the market today that offer unique features. Selecting the one out of all depends on your needs. Go with the platform that best corresponds to your expectations. Go with a virtual event platform that is web-based along with mobile compatibility. A platform that is backed by 24*7 customer support helps in delivering smooth virtual event experiences & help attendees to deal with any technical irruptions. A comprehensive virtual event platform compiled of a customer service & sales team to answer all your queries before you make a final call. Ask the specific set of questions to keep a record of what features and services a platform offers.

Here is a list of 10 main questions you need to ask while selecting a virtual event platform:

#1. What are the interactive/communication features offered by the platform?

Communication is the major criterion that motivates the attendees to attend an event either in-person (physical events) or virtually. With online virtual events, attendees get a chance to connect & network with a large spectrum of global attendees. Selecting a platform that offers interactive features that enable attendees to interact in real-time is a must to have. Ask the virtual event platform service provider about the communication features offered by the platform. Check whether a platform enables 2-way chats or not? Ask about the live audio, video keyboard chats functionality, and does the platform enable 1:1 and group chats? Check whether the platform enables attendees to share their valuable feedback or not? And so on. In short, ask all the relevant questions regarding the communication features offered by the platform.

#2. What engaging features are offered by the platform?

Apart from interactive features, a virtual event platform must consist of engaging features as well. It helps in keeping your attendees engaged throughout the event. Holding virtual attendees is quite different from in-person attendees. Virtual attendees access the event via mobile or laptop screen that is less more stimulating than live physical events.

Moreover, engaging virtual attendees is a must to prevent them from falling amid the sessions. Ask your virtual event platform service provider what engaging features are offered by the platform. Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys, gamification, quizzes, contests, etc. are some of the engaging features that help in keeping virtual attendees engaged with the online virtual event.

#3. Do the platform track, record, and store event data?

Ask your virtual event platform service provider whether they track a complete digital attendee footprint or not. It helps in gaining valuable event data that later helps in measuring performance metrics. Recording the event content helps in generating long term substantial ROI and engage attendees even after the event gets over. Ask questions regarding data trackability and recording before finalising the deal. Additionally, ask whether the platform offers on-demand video content for the attendees who missed the event or not. It helps in generating more qualified leads.

#4. Ask whether the platform offers monetization features?

Monetization plays a crucial role in any event. You must ensure beforehand whether the platform offers monetization features or not. It enables marketers, exhibitors, and vendors to sell unique offerings to attendees virtually. Ask the service provider whether the platform offers sponsorship opportunities or not. 

#5. Enquire about the audience capping feature & attendees the platform can host?

The audience capping feature is a must to look at before choosing a virtual event platform. Ask your virtual event platform service provider how many numbers of approx attendees a platform can host. Whether a platform offers no audience capping feature? the limit to host up to 500 or 1000 attendees? And so on is a must to know beforehand.

#6. Does the platform offer customizable features and branding opportunities?

Enquire beforehand whether the platform offers customisable features or not? Ask the service provider, does the platform enable the organiser to set up customise 3d virtual booths suiting the brand image? or offer other branding opportunities? In short, asking such questions beforehand helps in deciding between the platform and selecting the right pick.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

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Across All Event Formats


#7. Does the platform enable social media integration? & where the attendees can see the icon on the platform?

Before selecting a virtual event platform ask whether the platform enables social media integration or not? As it helps in reaching a wider segment of the audience seamlessly. If yes, then ask where the attendees can see the icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn on the platform.

#8. Does the platform enable you to upload and schedule pre-recorded content?

Ask your service provider whether the platform enables them to upload and schedule the pre-recorded video content. It not only makes life easier but also offers various opportunities with more flexibility. 

#9. Does the platform support live webcasting?

If you are organising a hybrid virtual event looking for a live webcasting feature in the platform is a must. It enables organisers to deliver real-time experiences to virtual attendees. Apart from a hybrid event, if you are planning to host live sessions with virtual attendees, live webcasting is the essential feature a platform must-have. Hence, make sure the virtual event company offers live streaming and webcasting services in best quality.

#10. Does the platform provide any analytics report?

Check whether the platform offers a detailed analytics report of an event or not. It helps in knowing the hotspots that engage maximum attendees and which areas need improvement. Additionally, if you are organising virtual events back to back choosing a platform that offers a detailed analytics report is a must. It helps in measuring the success of the event and knowing the pitfalls.

Final Thought

Selecting the right virtual venue or virtual event platform takes your online virtual event a level up. However, ensuring a smooth delivery. In conclusion, investing in the right virtual event platform helps in creating unique virtual experiences, thus ensuring a successful virtual event.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats