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Worldwide Education Conferences & Summits That Can’t Be Missed in 2024

Education conferences & summits are gatherings of industry professionals, researchers, educators, and stakeholders. These events are hosted to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, insights, best practices, and necessary decisions for the welfare of the education industry. These events typically feature presentations, workshops, and discussions that cover a wide range of educational topics. In general, the attendees of these education conferences and summits include teachers, administrators, policymakers, and educational ministers. 

Furthermore, conferences facilitate opportunities for learning about the latest developments, research, pedagogical approaches, and technical advancements in education. On the other hand, educational summits are a more strategic and policy-oriented meeting that brings together leaders and decision-makers from the educational industry. These events focus on addressing significant challenges, determining policies, and setting agendas for the industry’s future. They play an important role in fostering collaborations, networking, and advancing the overall quality and effectiveness of education being provided.

Education Conferences

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top education conferences and summits worldwide that can’t be missed and are worth attending in 2024.

Innovative School Summits (ISS)

Experience the ISS event which is a top K-12 conference that brings together international leaders, administrators, teachers, and consultants. The event shares innovative practices and methodologies for an engaging and inspiring event. This summit is organized at multiple locations and focuses on four educational conferences that allow you to personalize your professional development experience. You can choose sessions from each conference that are–

Dates and Locations for the Conference:

  • NEW YORK – FEB 28-MAR 2, 2024
  • ORLANDO – MAR 7-10, 2024
  • NASHVILLE – JUNE 19-23, 2024
  • LAS VEGAS – JULY 8-12, 2024
  • SAN ANTONIO – JULY 25-28, 2024

Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC)

The educational conference aims to bring together multiple practitioners who are working on real changes in the industry. It is designed to facilitate a wide range of attendees like mainstream educators, companies, non-profit organizations, researchers, state education departments, etc. Moreover, this education conference is not only a “sit and get” conference, but it provides you the opportunity to share your experiences, learn from collaborators, and network among attendees. The conference aims to deliver enhanced online, hybrid, and digital learning experiences.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Austin, TX  – February 26-28, 2024 

Science on the Grand 2024

Enhance your teaching and learning with a well-crafted amazing STEAM conference filled with practical tested ideas that will fuel you. The NGSS-aligned sessions are focused on data-driven and classroom-ready strategies that take your teaching experience to the next level. Moreover, the conference provides VIP treatment, and you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow educators with similar passion for science and teaching. You will not only gather fresh insights during this educational conference, but you can also advance your skills, create personal and professional connections, and discover innovative resources.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan – July 15-16, 2024

National Conference on Education by AASA

The education conferences aim to provide the best education and support strategies for the students. This year, the event is going to highlight the crucial role of the public school superintendent in creating supportive, inclusive, and empowering environments. Moreover, everything that you need for the event can be accessed at your fingertips through their conference event app, from event registration to a seamless onsite experience. This conference is designed with the latest insights, strategies, and best practices for success. Along with keynote speeches from top educators, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • San Diego, CA – February 15-17, 2024 

SXSW EDU Conference & Festival

This educational conference is all about the needs of educators. There are more than 100 sessions from dynamic speakers who represent perspectives from all around the world. This year in 2024, the majority of sessions are from teaching and learning, equity and justice, followed by leadership, art, and storytelling. Furthermore, you will also get to experience sessions that will address the reimagining of social and emotional learning, the importance of outdoor education, emerging topics, and accessible learning in non-academic settings.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Austin, Texas – March 4–7, 2024

Green Schools Conference (GSC)

This 3-day long educational conference brings together everyone involved in creating and advocating for green schools. With the focus on taking their schools and their systems towards sustainability, the event provides a platform for the community to inspire and facilitate the progress of green schools. The attendees can explore content in general sessions and collaborate with experts to address specific challenges, and best practices, and enhance the initiatives towards sustainability worldwide. 

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Santa Fe, NM – March 5-7, 2024 

NSTA Denver 2024

NSTA is a multiday science and STEM education conference where educators gather to share experiences and learning. The event facilitates unparalleled inspiration, learning, and connection at the best and most engaging professional event for science educators. With more opportunities to discover best practices and strategies that can help in shaping the future.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Denver, Colorado – March 20–23, 2024

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education

The Carnegie Foundation’s annual summit is an enhanced and unique opportunity for a vibrant and diverse community that is committed to improvement in education and learning. The educational summit is a landmark event for the industry where the celebration of innovators and improvements in building a better system for teachers, students, and communities is discussed. Diverse groups of educational professionals, such as district leaders, staff, state leaders, entrepreneurs, and more address complex issues.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • San Diego, CA – March 24-27, 2024

NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world’s largest association which is dedicated to international education and exchange. The annual expo and conference is a comprehensive and diverse event attended by professionals from across the globe. Attendees discover the latest innovations, strategies, and best practices. The event allows you to establish and build institutional partnerships to foster resilience, renewal, and community. 

Annual Conference & Expo

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana – May 28–31, 2024

NSBA (National School Boards Association)

NSBA is a nationwide conference event that brings together educational leaders and audiences to learn about the best practices, insights, and development strategies. The event discusses new programs and technologies to help enrich student learning. It is accessible globally as it hosts both in-person and virtual formats. If you are looking to attend the event then you can complete the conference event registration according to your suitability either online or onsite. Moreover, school board members from all around can receive the training necessary to address the needs of students and how to improve the efficiency of operations. 

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • New Orleans, LA – April 6-8, 2024

2024 Model Schools Conference (formerly ICLE)

MSC 2024’s motive is creating a journey and accelerating the vision. During the conference, you can have a chance to connect with fellow educators in a collaborative learning environment. Take away hands-on and actionable ideas for your institution and enhance the experience. Reinvent education and learn from the thought leaders, meet and connect with like-minded people, and learn best practices and put them to work.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Orlando, Florida – June 23–26, 2024

PBL World

PBLWorks organizes PBL World, a multi-day learning conference. The event brings together multiple educators, K-12 teachers, health coaches, schools, universities, and industry leaders. This event is great for those who want to begin and advance their project-based learning practices and connect with the leading community of their peers. 

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Napa Valley, CA – June 24-27, 2024

GYTO (Get Your Teach On) Fest

Reignite your passion for teaching and learning through this educational conference. During the event, the speakers and event attendees share their enthusiasm for education and share their tips, tricks, best practices, and secrets to build successful and engaging learning. You will feel empowered with this four-day event filled with research-based workshops. Along with inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, and much more.

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Orlando, Florida – July 21–24, 2024

Uncharted Learning National Summit 2024

Inspiring sessions, teacher training, national student pitch, and much more. The conference guests gather in Chicago for two full days of entrepreneurship-focused, master-class-style workshops, and events. The event allows educators to connect with peers and experts to learn new techniques helping students progress faster. 

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Chicago, IL – July 16-17, 2024

NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition

NCTM annual meetings bring together multiple mathematicians from all over the world to collaborate, network, learn, inspire, and much more. The conference is suitable for those who are willing to develop their skills in math subjects, particularly. With over multiple educational sessions to choose from and attend, you will always expect to walk away with more knowledge and inspiration to implement in your schools or universities. 

Date and Location of the Conference:

  • Chicago, Illinois – September 25–28, 2024

Wrapping Up

Above-mentioned are some of the best education conferences and summits that are worth attending. These events are specific to the education industry and provide valuable information, insights, decisions, strategies, and more to the attendees. During the event, you can get opportunities to interact with industry experts, speakers, and other influential professionals. If you are interested in organizing a seamless conference, you can get in touch with Dreamcast. You can enhance and robust event tech integrations to streamline management, planning, registrations, and much more.

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