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Introduction to Hybrid Events

As a consequence of countless adverse circumstances originating from the pandemic, the world began to move towards the digital era of events. However, nobody knew that this was going to be an inevitable future for the events industry. 

The events industry has efficiently attained its sought success by stepping into the virtual sphere. But, as the restrictions began to lift, it was time for a different change. And not just for the events industry, but the whole system. This is when the far-reaching concept of hybrid events came to light, only to bring more productivity and success for the organizations.  

Introduction to Hybrid Events

The emergence of hybrid events has many logics behind its growing prevalence, but the two most substantial reasons are:

  • Event experts, organizers, and audiences have recognized the innumerable advantages of going virtual or adding a virtual extension to physical events.
  • The concept of organizing Hybrid Events is ideal in every situation, with the most promising results and the ROI.

Moving ahead, let us begin by understanding what does hybrid events mean:

Table of Contents

What is a Hybrid Event?

What is a Hybrid Event

A Hybrid Event is the virtual extension of your on-site or physical event that brings the best of both formats together. It is an ideal format for organizing successful events, considering the unpredictability of situations. By hosting Hybrid Events, you can not only reach the target audience at the on-site venue but also a global audience through the virtual addition. 

All in all, the hybrid format of organizing events comes packed with countless benefits, and with efficient execution, it can help the organizer reach greater heights of success. 

How Does a Hybrid Event Work?

A Hybrid Event is simply the mix of on-site and virtual events. To explain the process more clearly, a hybrid event refers to the physical event that is live-streamed to remote audiences participating virtually in the event. As the name suggests, it is an advantageous admix of both a physical and an online event that brings together the different aspects of both formats.

What is a Hybrid Event Platform?

What is a Hybrid Event Platform

A Hybrid Event Platform is an event management service well-resourced with the most inventive features and tools to help you host a successful event. An advanced hybrid event service renders you with a complete backend and customer support system, ensuring the smooth execution of the event. 

Amongst innumerable hybrid event service providers in the market, the task is to choose a platform that suits all your needs and requirements.

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What to Look for in a Hybrid Event Platform?

A Hybrid Event means two different audience groups looking forward to an immersive event experience. It also means that you need to plan and strategize the event from two different perspectives, finding a middle ground to bridge the gap between the two formats. And, the features of a hybrid event technology help you ensure the efficacy of this middle ground. Therefore, we have curated the top hybrid event features that you should look for in a hybrid event service. 

Key features of a Hybrid Event that every Hybrid Event Platform must have:

features of a Hybrid Event

#1 Customization

The most advanced Hybrid Event Solutions render complete customization facilities, allowing you to create the event of your preference. With the help of efficient customization features, you can personalize each and every component of the virtual aspect of your event. It also helps you ensure that both the formats of your event, online and offline, render a similar event experience.

#2 Scalability 

The feature of scalability helps you frame the event of your own preferred shape and size. A suitable hybrid event service provider renders you the opportunity to scale your hybrid event the way you like. While adding the virtual extension to your on-site event, you would want to structure the event based on your budget, with a proper set of selected tools & features. Hence, scalability is a significant hybrid event platform feature. 

#3 Excellent Networking Opportunities

Be it an event of any business or industry, the audience always looks forward to maximizing their reach, generating leads, and networking with their prospective allies. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the hybrid event technology you choose provides proper networking opportunities to your attendees. Mentioned below are the most productive networking tools:

  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Networking Tables

#4 Exceptional Engagement Tools

Attendee engagement is one of the most vital aspects of any online event. It is so because your attendees have a lessened attention span when they attend the event virtually over a screen. Therefore, make sure that your hybrid event platform is well-equipped with exceptional engagement tools. From gamification to social media integration, there are countless ways in which you can keep your attendees engaged. Continue browsing the blog to explore some of the top hybrid event engagement ideas.

#5 Secure Platform

At any event, the organizer expects their event data and content to be safe and secure. For example, much vital information is shared and discussed during a hybrid town hall meeting. In such a case, the organizer would expect that the shared data is absolutely safe and there is no scope for a cyber breach. Therefore, choose a platform that ensures the complete safety of your event. 

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#6 Proper Access Control

Access control is an important feature for any virtual or hybrid event for many diverse reasons. While one prime reason is security, the other reason is to ensure the smooth flow of your event. Also, it is significant to keep certain people out of some virtual spaces to sustain the event course. In addition, access control can also be set up for some fun reasons like VIP event lounges and areas.

#7 Seamless User Experience

Although the format of online events has gained inclination in the last few times, the audience is still getting used to it. Therefore, all your participants must have a seamless user experience at the event. An effective way to ensure this is to test the platform yourself. By doing this, you can comprehend the convenience of the platform.

#8 Pre-Recorded Content Streaming

Pre-recorded and on-demand sessions at the platform not only maximize the value of your event but also add to its flexibility. It helps your attendees with the scope to access the event whenever and wherever it is best suited to their requirements. Therefore, assure flexibility at your hybrid event by choosing a platform with a proper record feature. 

#9 Reliable Event Analytics

The feature of event analytics is essential for your hybrid event in various ways. With the help of this hybrid event platform feature, you can efficiently analyze the efficacy of your event content, tools, elements, strategies, and planning, etc. It can also work as a guiding tool as you plan your future events.

#10 Complete Hybrid Event Management

Managing between two different formats of events can be a bothersome task for organizers as well as the hosts. Therefore, the feature of a complete hybrid event management tool enables the users to ensure seamless event flow & structure without any hindrance. 

Diving into the details, let us understand the essence of hybrid event management.

What is Hybrid Event Management?

What is Hybrid Event Management

Hybrid Event Management refers to the comprehensive hybrid event service, providing users with a complete all-in-one event management solution. As we know, hybrid events are all about balancing between two different event formats, i.e., online & on-site.

Hybrid Event Management refers to the complete process of managing and ensuring the perfection of all event aspects. It includes supervision and administration of everything from the content & design to attendee participation & interaction. 

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Events?

A Hybrid Event comes with countless benefits and advantages that have made many organizations meet the heights of success. Let us explore some of the top hybrid event benefits.

10 Incredible Benefits of Hybrid Events

#1 The Best of Two Worlds

By adding the virtual extension to a physical event and going hybrid, the organizers can bring the best of both worlds together. Hybrid Events does not only help the organizers get the advantage of face-to-face interaction but also maximize their reach to a global extent. 

#2 Enhanced Reach & Attendance

The biggest misconception of all time is that an event can only be attended either online or offline. However, this is not true. A hybrid event is a perfect way to bridge the gap between online and offline events & attendees. And, it efficiently renders the organizer with the opportunity to enhance their reach and invite the target audience present across the globe.

#3 Attract High-Profile Speakers 

Earlier, inviting high-profile speakers used to be much of a task. However, the process has become way easier now. By hosting a hybrid event, you can stream a live session at both venues & address the attendees from both formats. Not just this, but you can also invite speakers from anywhere across the world as the distance is not an obstacle anymore.

#4 Improved Engagement

Adding a virtual element to your physical event opens up many more routes of engagement opportunities. It is because all your remote audience actively participates in the event with the help of various common engagement features. For example, features like live polls and Q&A sessions can incorporate both on-site and online attendees. In the case of a Q&A session, the invited speaker can have a session with both the attendees in turns.

#5 Decreased Travel Expenses

At a hybrid event, you can invite limited participants to the on-site venue, and the rest of the attendees can easily access the online event. Therefore, going hybrid means minimizing travel and accommodation expenses. Also, the costs saved by hosting a hybrid event can be used in the marketing & promotional activities to enhance the reach of your event. 

Benefits of Hybrid-Events

#6 Valuable Event Analytics and Reports

While organizing any large or small-scale on-site event, tracking all your attendees’ moves is almost an impossible task. However, a hybrid event renders you the proper tools to track every remote attendees’ event data. The attendee footprinting tool efficiently tracks your audiences’ event experience right from the time of registration to the end.  

It includes everything from the number of sessions they attended & documents they accessed to the virtual venue locations they visited and the event hotspots. Overall, this feature helps you in getting a better insight into your event.

#7 Improved Return on Investment

As discussed earlier, a hybrid event helps you minimize many expenses while ensuring a comprehensive event experience. Therefore, with the lessened expenses, hybrid events offer you a substantial and better return on investments than a physical event. 

#8 Budget Friendly

The most advantageous factor of hosting your event in a hybrid format is that you can plan and strategize the event according to your budget. For example, you can decide the number of attendees you wish to invite over both formats separately and choose the features based on your budget. 

#9 Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is a component that can bring matchless value to your event. However, as mentioned earlier, a hybrid event brings the best of both worlds together. As here, your sponsors also get a chance to reach a wider audience, better brand awareness, and lead generation. Therefore, by adding a virtual extension to your on-site event, you can attract increased sponsorship numbers and value.

#10 Reduced Environmental Impact

Taking your events online has proved to be an effective way to reduce the environmental impacts. It is so because, with fewer people attending your event physically and the eliminated requirement of various resources, the carbon emissions & footprints also get reduced. Therefore, going hybrid is not just profitable for your event but also for the environment.

Diving in further, let us understand how to host a hybrid event:

How Do You Run a Successful Hybrid Event?

Successful Hybrid Event

Running a successful hybrid event involves various steps that overall aim at achieving the main event objective. The process involves everything from planning the event to analyzing its outcome. Go through the following well-curated list of steps to ensure hosting an efficient hybrid event.

A Complete Hybrid Event Checklist to Ensure an Excellent Event

#1 Predefine Your Goals

Predetermine your goal and purpose behind organizing the hybrid event. It is the first significant step in the process of hosting a successful event. Predefined goals not only help you in planning your event but also in making the most out of it. From the scale of your event & discussion topics to the marketing activities & engagement features, determine every requirement and intent behind the hybrid event.

#2 Prepare a Proper Event Plan

Hybrid event planning plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth flow of your event. Plan every aspect of your hybrid event from beginning to end. By doing this, you can also ensure that your event is well-packed with all the requisite and significant components. 

#3 Strategize Your Event

The next step in the process is to strategize the event. Strategizing the event aspects is a primary way to give your goals a direction. Reaching your hybrid event goal can be a complex task. Therefore, to ensure an easy way to do it, create a proper event strategy. 

Pro Tip: Create a different plan and strategy for your online and on-site attendees based on the format requirements. 

#4 Create a Balanced Agenda

A hybrid event directly means a balancing act. Hence, every step in setting up the event requires a proper balance. It is so because, in a hybrid event, there are two different attendee groups, expecting a different experience. Therefore, find a common ground between the two and create an adequate hybrid event agenda.

For example, your remote attendees don’t need to attend the same sessions as the on-site attendees. You can rather record these sessions and provide them as on-demand content. The point is, you have to plan the event in a balanced way for both the audiences. 

#5 Choose a Suitable Hybrid Event Platform

The world is acknowledging the competency of hybrid events as it shifts to the virtual sphere. Today, the events industry and market are crowded with various hybrid event technology, platforms, and service providers. However, the task is to choose the service that suits your hybrid event purpose and goals the most. Therefore, recognize your requirements and choose a platform that meets all your event objectives effectively.

#6 Create Captivating Content

One of the most essential hybrid event best practices is to understand the importance of good content. 

Content has always been, and will always be the king! Hence, creating engaging content at your hybrid event is one of the most significant steps to host a successful event. Be it the on-site or the virtual venue, create content that entices your attendees and keeps them engaged throughout the event. Not just enthralling, but the content should also be precise & easy-to-digest for all your attendees.

#7 Promote and Market Your Hybrid Event

Moving ahead, the next step is to promote your hybrid event and create its social presence to entice your target audience. By planning efficient promotional activities and marketing strategies, you can capture the attention of your target audience. Keep browsing the guide to explore some of the top promotional and marketing ideas. 

#8 Bring Valuable Sponsorship On Board

Sponsorships are the best way to elevate the value of your event. The best part is, a hybrid event enhances the sponsorship opportunities to a great level. It is so because the sponsors who collaborate with you also gain a global reach. Hence, you get a better chance at bringing valuable sponsorships on board.

#9 Connect Your Online & On-Site Attendees

Maintaining the balance at your hybrid event, bridge the gap between online and on-site attendees through the interactive tools. An advanced hybrid event solution provides you with various interactive features that can effectively promote the interaction between your online and offline attendees. For example, you can make use of the live poll and Q&A session to encourage your audiences to share their views and get the interaction going. 

#10 Include Exceptional Engagement Tools

The aspect of attendee engagement has proved to be one of the most game-changing factors at any virtual or hybrid event. It is so because while attending an online event, the attention span of your attendees is shorter than usual. Hence, it is vital to keep them engaged in the event using different engagement tools and features. An efficient hybrid event platform renders the users with countless engagement tools. Keep reading to explore some of the best hybrid event engagement ideas.

#11 Collect Valuable Attendee Feedback

Collecting attendee feedback is yet another hybrid event best practice to elevate the success prospects of your event. By accumulating valuable feedback from all your attendees, you can comprehend the efficacy of your hybrid event planning and strategies from a more authentic perspective. Not just this, but it also gives you a more inclusive insight that can help you plan your future hybrid events. 

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What Equipments are Required for Hybrid Events and Meetings?

A Hybrid Event requires several equipments & technical resources to ensure a smooth event function. The setting of such an event and the equipment requirements need careful consideration of every event aspect. Explore the list below to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Quick Tip: Refer to your predefined hybrid event goals, plan, and strategies and make a list of all the additional equipments you will be requiring throughout the event.

A Comprehensive Hybrid Event Equipments Checklist:

Hybrid Event Equipments Checklist

#1 Camera

The quality of live video streaming matters a lot at a hybrid event. And, to ensure high definition video streaming of live & pre-recorded sessions, it is vital to choose the right digital video camera. The camera should cover every part of the on-site event, from the event stage to the live audience. Keep the following points in mind to ensure a good-live video streaming:

  • Select a camera that supports all screen sizes.
  • Arrange multiple cameras to cover the event from different angles.
  • Set up the camera high to avoid people walking into the shot.
  • Ensure that the camera supports high definition format.
  • Use a tripod to stabilize and support the camera.

#2 Internet

Network connectivity has a big role to play at a hybrid event. A few glitches or a lagging video can turn your attendees off and disconnect them from the event. Therefore, ensure that the wi-fi or overall internet connection is strong and powerful to deliver high-quality clips. 

#3 Microphone

Another vital piece of equipment is the microphone. It is so because distorted audio or a low-quality sound can discourage your attendees and disturb your event’s engagement prospects. Therefore, choose a high-quality microphone setting that provides the following:

  • Clear audio for all the attendees
  • Loud speaker-sound for better sound
  • Add an audio mixer to the microphone as different speakers might have different voice levels
  • If the mic is wired, make sure you cover it neatly
  • Arrange a repeater cable to increase the wire length
  • Use wireless hand mics for a smooth session like Q&A

#4 Audio Support

Arrange audio support set up to control the equipment sound broadcast systems for both online and on-site attendees. Through this setup, the support team can also control the settings to ensure a smooth event structure.

#5 Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect as it is important on both the stage as well as the attendees. Imagine yourself watching a movie or a show with too much brightness, darkness, or shadows. Yes, it will not just be disturbing but disengaging too. You would no longer want to watch the show even if the content is good. Therefore, ensure the good and appropriate light source and placement to brighten up the ambiance & experience of your event.

#6 Video Support

Like the audio support system, a video support team can ensure the efficacy of the video content broadcast and flow throughout the event. The audio support team can switch between the shows, clips, slides, presenters, and other visuals as per requirements. For example, the controller can enable features like screen sharing and run the slides in a slide show mode flawlessly during a presentation.

#7 Webcam

While most systems are well-equipped with webcams, it is vital to arrange a standalone webcam. It is so because a standalone webcam can ensure high-quality video for your remote attendees. Therefore, keep webcams arranged. 

#8 Hybrid Event Platform Support

Make sure that the platform you choose provides comprehensive support with engaging & interactive hybrid event features and tools. Not just this but the platform must also provide the attendees with a seamless user experience and navigation. A hybrid event is not only a live-stream version of an in-person event. Therefore, it is vital that your remote audience have an event experience as close as possible to an on-site event.

How Do You Promote and Market a Hybrid Event?

Market Your Hybrid Event

The promotion and marketing of a hybrid event go hand in hand with each other. From analyzing the ways to connect with your target audience to analyzing what entices them the most, the process of hybrid event marketing has various components. Refer to the following five steps to effective hybrid event promotion and marketing:

  • Step 1) Define your target audience.
  • Step 2) Set out the value of your hybrid event and its usefulness for the target audience.
  • Step 3) Analyze the most adapted sources and platforms used for marketing and promotional activities.
  • Step 4) Plan, strategize and create the required content for the marketing and promotional activities of your hybrid event.
  • Step 5) Begin executing the plan at the right time. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you begin the marketing and promotional activities of your hybrid event, not too soon and not too late. It is so because while you need enough time to create a presence & identity for your event, you also have to ensure that your target audience remembers the event as the day comes close. 

10 Expert Tips to Intelligently Promote and Market Your Hybrid Event

#1 Create an Eye-Catching Landing Page

The landing page is the first destination for your attendees where they can know all about the event. Also, this is where your attendees will register for the hybrid event. All in all, this is where your attendees get the first impression about your event. Therefore, creating an eye-catching landing page works like a charm, so your target audience feels enticed to register for the event and attend it. 

5 Helpful Ideas to Create an Exceptional Landing Page

  • Provide complete and to-the-point hybrid event details
  • Include captivating visuals and text to entice your audience
  • Add a short, simple, and easy hybrid event registration form
  • Optimize the page with efficient search engine optimization tools
  • Use an attention-grabbing call to action tab

#2 Create Teaser Videos

Video content is another factor that instantly grabs your attendees’ attention. So, create exciting teaser videos to build anticipation amongst the target audience and keep sharing it in proper intervals. Following is a list of things you can include in these videos one by one:

  • Release your event date
  • Introduce the sessions and speakers
  • Begin a contest or game
  • Introduce the entertainment sessions
  • Give a trending meme or reel your event theme to keep up with the trends
  • Represent the eye-catching venues
  • Introduce the features and tools

#3 Use Social Media Platforms

Using social media platforms is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. It can be used in different ways with different purposes. You can also create an official page for your event and begin sharing relevant event-related posts to fascinate your audience. Another efficient idea to engage your target audience is to run a social media contest and give out exciting rewards. In addition, you can also introduce a hashtag to your hybrid event that can be used during the contests.

#4 Promote the Hybrid Event Speakers

A hybrid event allows you to invite famous personalities to your event. While making use of this perk, promote the well-known speakers to build up enthusiasm and encourage your audience to register for the event.

#5 Mention the Event on Your Official Website

Every event organizer or host aims to achieve the goal of any event, and leaving no stone unturned is the way to go! Therefore, promote your hybrid event on every possible platform and page, including your website. You can use a sticky bar or a popup feature to inform your website visitors about your hybrid event. 

#6 Send EMail Updates

In the era of countless new ideas, email marketing is still a concept that works wonders. Therefore, create captivating emailers and content to keep your target audience updated about the event.

#7 Use the Word-of-Mouth Concept

Another excellent traditional marketing concept with a promotional objective is word-of-mouth. It is an excellent idea when you want to promote the event amongst people belonging to a similar background. This concept is not just simple and easy but also elevates the value of your event as people talk about it.

#8 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is yet another impressive new idea that has been gaining matchless prevalence in the present world. It is the time when millions of users are following an influencer for their art. Therefore, utilize the concept and market your event by collaborating with a renowned influencer. 

#9 Use Sponsorship Tools

Sponsorship is known to elevate the value of your hybrid event. The best part is, it is a two-way road that works the best for both aspects. Therefore, collaborate with sponsors and have your event marketed through indulging in collective promotional activities.

#10 Co-Branding

Another excellent hybrid event marketing technique is to collaborate with brands and indulge in a common promotional activity. The reason behind this being an effective idea is, you get the chance to reach two different audiences and maximize your event’s reach in the market. Therefore, go for co-branding to enhance the purpose of your event.

How Do You Make Hybrid Events More Engaging?

Make Hybrid Events More Engaging

Audience engagement is all about enhancing the fun and excitement at your hybrid event. However, the more thrilling it sounds, keeping your attendees engaged is not an easy task. It requires you to bring various ideas together to ensure engagement, interactivity, and excitement at your hybrid event. Not just audience engagement, but these ideas also ensure that your remote attendees don’t have a tedious event experience or zoom fatigue.

Refer to the hybrid event engagement ideas mentioned below to ensure attendee engagement throughout the event. 

13 Extraordinary Hybrid Event Engagement Ideas 

#1 Captivating Venue Design

Creating enthralling venue designs is the first step to captivating your attendees’ attention. Design a venue that enthralls your attendees and fascinates them enough to keep them engaged throughout the event. Also, use multi-format content at the virtual venue to render numerous reasons to your attendees for being interested in the event. 

#2 Add Gamification

Ever since the world of virtual events has gained prevalence, gamification has been a huge part of it. Today, no attendee engagement idea is complete without the mention of gamification. An advanced hybrid event platform provides users with more than 100 gamification ideas and tools. Therefore, add fun gamification elements and enhance the attendee engagement at your hybrid event. 

#3 Outsource Entertainment

Be it the onsite or online attendees, none of them likes a long and tedious event experience that goes on without any fun element. A simple training session becomes interesting if you add an entertaining component to it. Therefore, add to the attendee engagement by outsourcing entertainment.

#4 Collaborate with On-Demand Speakers

Another excellent idea to build anticipation at your hybrid event is to collaborate with on-demand speakers. Make use of the advantage of global reach and connect with personalities that are not usually available. Adding just a short session with an on-demand speaker can elevate the value of your hybrid event.

#5 On-Event Announcements

While having an exceptional new event experience at the hybrid event platform, your attendees may miss out on something important. Therefore, include the interesting on-event announcement feature at the venue. This feature will not only help you with attendee engagement but also keep your participants updated.

#6 Include a Social Wall

It is yet another excellent hybrid event engagement idea that renders your attendees with a common experience. A social wall curates all the social media posts shared by your participants and presents them over a common wall at the virtual event venue. Apart from keeping your attendees engaged, it also adds to the potency of your hybrid event. 

Hybrid Event Engagement Ideas

#7 Understand Your Attendees’ Attention Span

While organizing an event, understanding the attention span of your participants is one of the most important things. Therefore, keep the sessions short and provide mini-breaks throughout the event so your attendees can freshen up and be encouraged to participate in the event.

#8 Provide Interactive Opportunities

Many event management studies and statistics have confirmed that interactive features & tools can work wonders in audience engagement. An efficient hybrid event service provides the users with several interactive opportunities. Mentioned below are the top interactive features that you must include in your hybrid event:

  • Live Polls
  • Signature Wall
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Contests and Trivia Sessions
  • Ice Breaking Activities
  • Chat Rooms
  • Multi-Format Communication
  • 1:1 & Group Interaction

#9 Include a Photo Booth

Visiting or participating in any form of event, be it a hybrid show, a hybrid conference, a hybrid product launch, or a hybrid fair, people look forward to capturing moments. Therefore, include a branded photo booth feature at both venues where all your attendees can click pictures. You can also integrate a social media platforms feature so your participants can also directly share the pictures to their social media handles. This feature also helps you maximize the reach of your event. 

#10 Use the Signature Wall Feature

Add a signature wall at the virtual venue and include the same at the physical event location. The interactive tool of a signature wall helps your attendees share their views over a common wall. It is an exciting way to keep your attendees engaged at the event through maximum interactivity.

#11 Don’t Overlook Remote Attendees

You need to make sure that you create a shared experience at your hybrid event. And, the most significant thing to ensure is that you don’t disregard your remote attendees. It is so because keeping your virtual audience engaged is more of a task than other participants. Also, your remote attendees are always just a click away from exiting the meeting. Therefore, give more importance to virtual attendee interaction.

#12 Provide Seamless User Experience

The sphere of virtual events is still fresh for many. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your attendees have a memorable event experience through a well-designed user experience. Also, make sure that the virtual venue is simple to understand with easy navigation. 

#13 Include Networking Opportunities

Networking is one of the most significant aspects of any event. Be it an organization or an individual, everybody looks forward to generating leads, maximizing their reach, and network with their prospective allies. Hence, provide maximum networking opportunities to your audiences to keep them engaged throughout the event. An efficient hybrid event platform provides the users with various networking tools and features. Explore the leading networking tools further.

How to Create Powerful Networking Experiences at Hybrid Events?

Networking Experiences at Hybrid Events

Creating robust networking experiences at a hybrid event is no more a challenging task. A hybrid event platform comes well-resourced with excellent networking features that can effectively keep your audience engaged. Not just this, but it also advances the event experience of your attendees. Mentioned ahead are the top hybrid event networking ideas to enhance the success prospects of your event.

10 Creative Hybrid Event Ideas for Networking

#1 AI Matchmaking:

Incorporate an automated networking approach with AI-powered matchmaking. With this feature, your participants no longer need to navigate a large crowd to network with like-minded people. AI matchmaking uses the attendee database and helps you connect with people you share mutual interests with. 

#2 Networking Tables:

Include the feature of the networking table to provide your attendees with a separate virtual space dedicated to networking. At a networking table, your attendees can choose their virtual seats and participate in group discussions via multi-format chat functionality.

#3 Advanced Search Filters:

The feature of an advanced search filter allows the users to add filters to their networking preferences. From work backgrounds to individual interests, you can find participants to connect with through diverse filters.

#4 B2B Meeting Schedulers:

Meeting scheduler is another productive networking tool that can boost the networking experience at your hybrid event. It provides your attendees with the opportunity to schedule meetings with other participants before the event begins. Not just this, but you can also book a meeting slot after the event has ended.

#5 Business Card Exchange:

With this feature, you can allow your audience to exchange virtual business cards. At a hybrid event, you can also provide your virtual attendees with the digital business cards of your onsite attendees. This feature helps all your participants exchange their details with relevant exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and other audiences.

#6 Networking Lounges:

With the feature of a networking lounge, your virtual attendees get a chance to have meaningful & relevant discussions in real-time. Like a virtual networking table, this tool also provides your attendees with a dedicated space for networking.

#7 Multi-Format Communication:

An efficient hybrid event platform provides all possible communication formats to boost the networking aspects at the event. From audio & video to the text chat feature, your attendees can interact with other participants in the format they prefer. 

#8 2-Way Video Conferencing:

Include a 2-way video conferencing feature through which your attendees can directly interact with the speakers in a branded environment. This feature can effectively enhance the networking experience at your hybrid event.

#9 Social Media Integration:

In today’s digital era, social media platforms are the most effective tools for promotion and networking. Also, the majority of your audience is available on social media sites. By integrating social media channel links, you can instantly get the networking experience going. It is not only beneficial for your event attendees but also for your event, as this feature can efficiently maximize the reach of your event.

You can also integrate third-party applications like WhatsApp to build and promote an event community.

#10 Networking Through Gamification:

Gamification is a virtual event feature that has changed the game for various events through its efficacy. Through gamification aspects, your participants get the opportunity to interact with each other and build valuable connections. For example, through a game like a virtual escape room, the participants get a chance to interact while solving puzzles and trivia together. 

How Do Hybrid Events Increase Potential Sponsorship Opportunities 

With a hybrid event, there is a better opportunity to gain better and more valuable sponsorship opportunities. It is so because, at a hybrid event, your sponsors also get a better shot at reaching a maximum number of attendees. Just like your event, your sponsors can also attain double exposure on a global level. Therefore, a hybrid event effectively increases the potential sponsorship opportunities as it renders an improved brand awareness and lead generation possibilities.

Explore the most enthralling hybrid event sponsorship ideas below.

10 Unique Hybrid Event Sponsorship Ideas:

Hybrid Event Sponsorship

#1 Gamification Sponsorship:

This idea is not only a productive way to engage sponsors but also the audience. You can add sponsored gamification features at different aspects of the event. For example, you can gamify booth check-ins and even incentivize the appropriate data capture. 

#2 Swag Bag Sponsorship:

While sending swag bags to all your attendees before the event is a great way to enhance audience engagement, sending them after the event is a smart idea for post-event follow-ups. However, adding a sponsorship feature does not only work for the profit of your sponsor but also your event. It is so because apart from rendering a better reach to your sponsors, it also minimizes your costs.

#3 Sponsored Entertainment Breaks:

Another idea is to sponsor the entertainment break or session between your hybrid event. The smartest way to add sponsorship to your event is to include it in different pre-decided aspects. Therefore, sponsor the entertainment session to add to its value and engagement. 

#4 Sponsored Meals:

Sending meals to your remote attendees and arranging meals for your on-site attendees is an excellent idea to enhance your attendees’ hybrid event experience. Sponsoring this aspect will not only minimize your expenses but also open more ways for valuable sponsorships. 

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

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#5 Branded Session Paths:

Brand-up the virtual and physical venue paths & locations by adding sponsored banners and branded sidewalk signs. This idea will not only promote your sponsors but also add to the creativeness of the venue.

#6 Sponsored Hybrid Networking Lounge:

Add sponsored content like banners, advertisements, gifs, clips, and other media at the hybrid networking lounge. While a networking lounge is a space for your attendees to connect, it will render your sponsors enhanced exposure. 

#7 Sponsored Photo Booths:

Photo booths are one of the top event hotspots that attract high attendee engagement. Therefore, you can add sponsorship branding to the photo booth for a maximized reach. Another excellent idea is to create a captivating booth design.

#8 Sponsored Contests:

Organize fun contests, both before and during the event, to level up the excitement for your attendees. An excellent idea to sponsor these contests is to set up sponsored rewards and presents for the contest winners.

#9 Sponsored Happy Hour:

Sponsor the happy hour session by sending branded goodies and happy hour packages to all attendees. Often, event participants tend to share pictures of the goodies they receive over their social media handles. Hence, sponsoring the happy hour session will also maximize brand awareness and reach.

#10 Sponsored Coffee:

Another excellent idea to enhance the hybrid event experience is to arrange sponsored coffee at both venues. You can organize a sponsored coffee bar with sponsored cups & napkins at the on-site location. On the other hand, you can organize a virtual sponsored coffee session during which your attendees can connect and network with each other. 

How to Monetize Hybrid Events?

Monetize Hybrid Events

The pandemic has made the events world go digital, ticking up the concept of hybrid and online events. However, moving ahead with advancements, it is vital to monetize your virtual or hybrid event.

There are various ways in which you can monetize your Hybrid Events and bring more value to them. Further, we have curated the top five hybrid event monetization ideas to ensure maximum ROI for your event.

5 Proven Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Hybrid Events

#1 Formulate Agreement with Sponsors

Sponsorship is always an obvious way to monetize any event. However, as you add a virtual aspect to your online event, the exposure for your sponsors widens up. And therefore, you get a better opportunity to monetize your event through sponsorships. You would want to collaborate with companies with the same target audience as yours, and sponsors spend good sums of money at your event if it renders them a good value. To enhance the sponsorship value, run ads and provide space for your sponsors at the virtual & physical venue.

#2 Use Merchandising

Shifting to a virtual aspect doesn’t mean the chance at selling merchandise at your event is eliminated. In fact, using a merchandising segment at your hybrid event is a great way to monetize it. Therefore, an excellent idea to monetize your hybrid event is to set up online order sheets through the online venue. Using this tool, your attendees can purchase products and services online at the hybrid event. You can also integrate sponsorship in this aspect by having them sell their merchandise at the venue.

#3 Render Value to Exhibitors

As mentioned several times, ‘value’ plays a huge role at any event as that is how you can cooperate with all the participants. Talking about this idea, you can attract exhibitors to set their virtual booths up at the event. Exhibitors also pay you for the exhibit booths if they are assured value & utility at your hybrid event. However, it is your job to create captivating booth designs and encourage your attendees to visit the booth.

#4 Monetized Sessions 

Another excellent hybrid event idea is to monetize your event’s in-demand session. The biggest advantage that comes with hosting hybrid events is, you can not only invite a global audience but also famous speakers & personalities. So, you can monetize such sessions and also provide the content in-demand with monetization tools.

#5 Premium Tickets

Premium and VIP tickets are not a new concept as every industry monetizes its platforms or events with this feature. To put the idea in simple terms, you can provide premium tickets to your audience so they can enjoy the benefits of high-level hybrid event features and sessions. However, to entice your audience for the premium tickets is quite a task but not a difficult one. You can create attractive VIP tickets, inform the audience about the perks of premium tickets, send them swag boxes, etc., to keep up the anticipation amongst the audience. 

What are the Types of Hybrid Events?

Types of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have become the most prevalent buzzword in the industry for a while now. However, it is all for the flourishing results that every industry is looking forward to taking all types of events over a hybrid events platform. Explore below the curated list of the top types of hybrid events gaining popularity:

10 Types of Hybrid Events Gaining Unrivalled Popularity 

1) Hybrid Meetings

A Hybrid Meeting is a gathering where a portion of attendees joins the meeting on the on-site venue or office, while the rest of the attendees access it virtually. It facilitates an organization with the opportunity to bring together global employees over a hybrid meeting platform to have significant discussions & interactions. Following are the top types of hybrid meetings held by a corporate organization, business, or company:

Hybrid Annual General Meeting or AGM

A Hybrid Annual General Meeting or an AGM refers to the annual gathering of an organization with global delegates, employees, and stakeholders attending it. It involves the discussion of vital company updates, celebrating yearly achievements, and acknowledging the challenges. A Hybrid AGM aims to ensure that all the employees of an organization are on the same page. 

Hybrid Town Hall Meeting

A Hybrid Town Hall Meeting is a periodical company gathering where the organization head and team leads inform their employees with significant information. In times of pandemic, the importance of such meetings has grown. A town hall or an all-hands meeting ensures that everyone understands the organizational aims and goals. It also includes various engaging sessions to make sure that all the participants have a positive hybrid event experience.

Hybrid Sales Kickoff

A Hybrid Sales Kickoff or Meeting is a gathering where the sales team meets to discuss the sales updates and strategies. During this meeting, the sales head informs the team members and employees of all the field achievements, challenges, and strategies to overcome them. A Hybrid Sales Kickoff also includes several sessions to keep the participants engaged.

Hybrid Team Meetings

A Hybrid Team Meeting is where the subset teams of an organization have separate inclusive meetings to discuss internal activities & strategies. These are the departmental meetings that include employees working in a specific department. A Hybrid Meeting Platform is well-equipped with various efficient interactive tools to ensure smooth communication throughout the meeting. 

2) Hybrid Conference

A Hybrid Conference is a gathering of participants from a similar background where all attendees meet and discuss themes & topics of common interest. An advanced hybrid conference platform provides the participants with countless networking, engaging, and interactive features & tools to ensure a seamless hybrid event experience for all. It also includes an immersive 360-degree environment with the facility of 2-way video conferencing, enhancing the value of the hybrid conference.

3) Hybrid Expo

A Hybrid Expo is an on-site exposition event with different engaging sessions dedicated to meeting the overall event objective. It includes various components from an expo booth to an immersive environment, promoting sponsorship engagement & networking activities. Not just this, but the attendees also get to interact and build valuable connections while indulging in exciting & entertaining sessions. The most prominent example of an amazing expo is the Dubai Expo 2020, which has provided all the content on-demand, successfully adding a virtual extension to a global-level on-site event.

4) Hybrid Fairs

A Hybrid Fair is a diverse event that includes different types of fairs from different global industries. It brings together people from a similar background to experience an immersive environment while indulging in activities to meet the event objective. With a 3D hybrid fair platform, the participants can utilize various networking and interactive hybrid event features to make the most out of the event. Following are the top types of a Hybrid Fair Event:

(A). Hybrid Career Fairs

Hybrid Career Fairs are events organized over a hybrid career fair platform, serving as a middle-ground for global recruiters, employers, and job-seekers. Ever since these events have gained popularity and prevalence, millions of people have found employment through a hybrid career fair. The most valuable hybrid event advantage & adding a virtual extension to a career fair is- both the job-seekers and employers get to build global connections.

(B). Hybrid Job Fairs

A Hybrid Job Fair is also a hybrid recruiting event or a fair where employers and job-seekers gather over a hybrid space. Both parties have interactive sessions through features like chat rooms, 2-way video conferencing, webcasts, multi-format communication, networking lounges, etc. An advanced hybrid job or career fair platform provides the users with an immersive virtual environment with features like networking tables where the attendees can have valuable interactions.

(C). Hybrid Education/University Fair

A Hybrid Education Fair or a University Fair is an event where the students can interact with multiple universities to analyze what suits them the best. It is a perfect event for universities to promote their unique educational programs & schemes to attract more admissions and keep prospective students updated. A hybrid education fair platform is well-equipped with separate exhibit booths of universities & departments, an interactive lobby, discussion forums, auditoriums, conference halls, etc. 

(D). Hybrid Onboarding Fairs

A Hybrid Onboarding Fair is the next step after hosting events like a recruitment fair. At an onboarding fair, the company heads, team leads, or HR can set their new employees up for further proceeding. It is where the new hires or employees can be welcomed into the company. Various sessions at a hybrid onboarding fair include- office introduction, explaining the company culture, introduction to the company policies & structure, training sessions, encouraging activities, etc. 

(E). Hybrid Art Fair

A Hybrid Art Fair is an artsy event where participants belonging to the arts industry come together to celebrate and discuss art. It involves art showcases, exhibitions, keynote speeches, renowned artist sessions, art webinars, and everything else in between. An advanced hybrid fair platform also renders the users with trade features so that the participants can not only network & interact but also indulge in trade activities. A Hybrid Art Fair also includes enthralling exhibit booths while also promoting various sponsorship activities.

(F). Hybrid Property Fair

A Hybrid Property Fair, Show, or Real-Estate Expo refers to a property-related event held over a hybrid property show platform. It gathers various people from the real estate industry, including buyers, sellers, property experts, exhibitors, banks, legal advisors, sponsors, etc. A Hybrid Property Show Platform enables features like 360-degree property showcasing, networking tools, multi-format interaction, etc. It is the best way for global participants to indulge in real-estate activities while accessing comprehensive property details & specs virtually.

5) Hybrid Trade Shows

A Hybrid Trade Show is a dynamic online event including various trade-related components & sessions from a specific industry. It is run over a hybrid trade show platform, including a 360-degree immersive environment, captivating booths, networking tools, multi-format communication features, and a lot more. A Hybrid Trade Show is the best way to reach a global audience and indulge in exceptional exhibitions, engagements, networking, and trade activities. 

6) Hybrid Product Launches

A Hybrid Product Launch refers to an on-site launch event with an added virtual aspect to reach a global target audience. An advanced hybrid product launch platform renders the users with countless captivating features to boost sales and enhance the list of prospective consumers. At a Hybrid Product Launch, the organizer can seamlessly represent a 360-degree view of the product with a comprehensive guide into the specifications and details.

7) Hybrid Training Seminars

A Hybrid Training Seminar is well-designed and created with the objective to enhance the training sessions, webinars, and activities. With the help of a hybrid format of training seminars and events, the knowledge can be shared more practically with an immersive & engaging environment. A Hybrid Training Seminar Platform can help the users with countless engaging & interactive features, ensuring the effectiveness of the event.

8) Hybrid Marketing and Sales Events

A Hybrid Marketing or Sales Event is a more specialized format of a hybrid event, involving the discussion themes & topics of a specific department. It includes participants from the field of marketing, looking ahead to indulging in theme-related activities, networking, field updates, strategies, and a lot more. It is a comprehensive hybrid event, allowing the organizer to invite global delegates, audience, and speakers to share their expertise and host an enlightening event.

9) Hybrid Exhibition

A Hybrid Exhibition is an event dedicated to boosting up the marketing strategies by taking it to a different level. It enables the global exhibitors and attendees from a similar interest field to interact, network, and build valuable connections. An efficient Hybrid Exhibition Platform renders the users with captivating exhibit booths and enthralling engagement features, with an immersive 3D venue. Not just this but a Hybrid Exhibition Event also enhances the sponsorship engagement prospects, bringing more value to your event.

10) Hybrid Award Show

A Hybrid Award Show is an essential event for any organization or company. It aims to encourage global employees and with rewards & recognition ceremonies. An engaging Hybrid Award Show Platform is well-resourced with exceptional features like enthralling venue designs, networking tools, multi-format communication tools, engaging aspects, countless on-event interactive tools, and a lot more. A Hybrid Award Show is an efficient event that can encourage your colleagues and employees even in times of difficulties.

How to Measure the Success of Your Hybrid Event?

Measure the Success of Hybrid Event

The best way to gauge the success and efficacy of your hybrid event is to use the Key Performance Indicators.

Measuring the success of your Hybrid Event is another significant hybrid event aspect. And, this can not be done efficiently without some of the top sets of return-on-investment tools, known as the Key Performance Indicators. Although the hybrid event platform feature of detailed event data analytics and reports is very helpful in comprehending the success of your event, there’s a lot many ways on the list. Explore some of the top key performance indicators below:

10 Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to Analyze the Success of Your Hybrid Event

#1 Email Click-Through Rate or CTR

Email click-through rate is the best KPI when the focus is to analyze the efficacy of your event’s email content strategies. This KPI directs on recording the click-through rate of every email your broadcast. The CTR is a ratio of the total number of people who clicked on your email content to the total number of people on your mailing list.

#2 Attendee Retention Rate

Gaining a loyal audience is vital for the growth of any business. The attendee retention rate helps you keep a check on all the repeated participants. Create a list of these attendees, and you can further send customized emails or gifts showing your gratitude and thankfulness for their loyal presence.

#3 Event Hotspots

The hybrid event platform feature of event data collection provides you with insight into your event hotspots. It refers to all the virtual venue locations that attracted the most number of attendees. With the help of this specific event data feature, you can easily comprehend the efficacy of your precise event locations and strategies.

#4 Attendee Footprinting

Another excellent hybrid event platform feature is attendee footprinting. This tool records the experience of your attendees from the time they register for the event to the time they exit it. With the help of this feature, you can analyze what keeps your attendees engaged and what doesn’t.

#5 Sponsor Engagement

The sponsors expect some proof of the sponsorship components you included at the event. Therefore, sponsor engagement is also an important aspect to be analyzed as it helps your sponsors detect the revenue generation created at your event. Hence, tracking the sponsor touchpoints, social media mentions, interactions, inquiries, and chat mentions can be a great key performance indicator.

#6 Lead Conversion Rate

Be it long-term or short-term, the goal of any event is to drive in business. Therefore, tracking the leads converted into business prospects is another KPI that enables you to understand the efficacy of your event. While keeping a check on the converted leads, it is also vital to track the non-converted leads and pursue them wisely.

#7 Profit VS Expenditure

The easiest and the most traditional way to understand the efficacy of your hybrid event is to calculate your overall profits & expenses. This KPI is calculated by analyzing the average expense per participant in comparison to the average revenue per participant. Although the fact is that profit doesn’t always have to be monetary, it is still vital to ensure that you don’t incur monetary losses. Mentioned below is the formula of this KPI:

(Total Attendees/Total Expenses) x 100

(Total Attendees/Total Revenue) x 100

#8 Participant Satisfaction Score

Detailed feedback forms shared with your attendees with mere questions can not be the best way to calculate or analyze the success of your event. Hence, conduct live polls and surveys that help you analyze the exact experience of your hybrid event. Participation satisfaction score is one of the best KPIs to understand the efficacy of your event through the perspective of your attendees.

#9 The Attrition Rate

The attrition rate refers to the fraction of the average audience who did not attend the event but registered for it. You can also calculate this KPI separately for your onsite and online audience, as it will help you understand the status of your event strategies clearly. The formula to calculate the attrition rate is:

(number of absentees / total registrants) x 100.

#10 Social Media Engagement

It is the digital era where most of the people we know are available over social media platforms. It is also a major reason why social media integration is an important factor to include at any event. Therefore, analyzing the social media engagement can be an effective KPI of your event. You can include aspects like social media mentions and event hashtags while analyzing the social media engagement.

How to Protect Your Hybrid Event From a Cyber Attack?

Protect Your Hybrid Event

Protecting your virtual or hybrid event from any sort of cyberattack or event intrusion is the responsibility of your hybrid event service provider. While the world of online events has presented the organizers with various challenges in the data security sphere, there is still a way to combat it with the right technologies. 

The first significant step in ensuring your event data security is choosing a hybrid event service that assures complete safety and protection to your event with end-to-end encryption. Your attendees may access the meeting through unsecured network connectivity that is more exposed to eavesdropping. In such a case, you can ask your attendees to access the event from a secured VPN in case of a closed business of the corporate hybrid event. However, it wouldn’t be right to expect a whole lot of preparation from your global attendees. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to choose a platform that provides end-to-end encryption. 

With the feature of end-to-end encryption, although cyber attacks like man-in-the-middle and wireless eavesdroppers would still have access to the network, the attackers would still fail to use the data being transferred. It is so because an encrypted message can only be seen once it gets decrypted, and that happens only when the message reaches the receiver.

To further strengthen your hybrid event, you can use the following tools:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Avoid accessing the meeting through Personal Meeting ID
  • Choose a platform with advanced network infrastructure
  • Ensure that the platform is a cloud-based hybrid event management service

The Future of Hybrid Events

The world has acknowledged the proficiency of hybrid events. It would be no mistake to say that the future is hybrid! There are countless hybrid event  advantages and benefits of adding a virtual extension to your on-site event, creating a hybrid event format. To understand the why and how of the statement, explore the top reasons why the future of hybrid events is all bright:

8 Major Reasons Why Hybrid Events are the Future

Why Hybrid Events are the Future

#1 A Suitable Format for the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has left the world in dismay, and it is still in the process of healing. The situations remain unpredictable and undependable. However, in a state like this, hosting hybrid events is the best solution to keep up with the significant activities while also maintaining the requisite safety measures. 

#2 Brings the Best of Both Worlds Together

Without any doubt, the format of hybrid events brings the top advantages of online and offline event formats. It’s no time to wonder as the best of two worlds is already here, and all you have to do is find a suitable hybrid event solution.

#3 Minimizes the Costs

The costs are minimized, but the most profitable benefit is that the event organizers can maximize their returns on investment in the same amount. All in all, going hybrid means maximum advantages with minimized expenses.

#4 Provides Global Reach

By hosting hybrid events, organizers and companies get to enhance their reach to a global level. With the concept of adding a virtual extension to an event, inviting speakers, delegates, teammates, and target audiences from across the world has become a matter of seconds. It is not just beneficial for organizations & businesses but also the audience looking forward to accessing significant event experiences.

#5 Environment-Friendly Format

Not just expenses but the hybrid format of events has also worked wonders in saving the environment. As we move ahead in the future, it is becoming more and more important to save the environment. Therefore, going hybrid can be a go-to option for the events industry to contribute to saving nature.

#6 Promotes Community Building

The pandemic has brought an unpreferable space between people including the employees and global delegates of a company. In such a case, hybrid events are efficiently bridging this gap between people. Everybody can now have significant interactions and indulge in networking activities through multi-format communication features provided at a hybrid event. Also, with an event dedicated to different field experts with a common background, the brand community becomes productively strong. 

#7 Data-Driven Insights

The importance of data reports and analysis provided by a hybrid event platform is matchless. Hybrid events work like a mine of data that provides the organizers with complete practical insight and valuable data-based analysis of the event. With the help of this data, people can easily comprehend the concepts that are working the best for their events, and the factors that require improvement or elimination. All in all, hybrid events render data-driven insights that can never be collected through the traditional event format.

#8 Improved Scope for Networking & Sponsorship

While networking tools at an event provide value to your attendees, sponsorship provides value to your event. These are the two significant factors that help an event in accomplishing its goal. With the help of a hybrid event format, the scope for networking and sponsorship is highly improved as there is no limitation in events reach. Hence, with maximized value comes enhanced event profits. 

Summing Up!

The sphere of Hybrid Events is growing and gaining matchless prevalence in the industry. With all the considered advantages of hybrid events and benefits of taking diverse events over a hybrid event technology, the best option is to step into the hybrid world spontaneously. 

Choose an exceptional Hybrid Event Platform and begin hosting matchless hybrid events!

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