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Set Up Your Next Event Registration Process in Just 4 Easy Steps

Tired of RSVPs draining your energy? Leave the spreadsheets and say “hello” to effortless, quick and easy registration for events with QR codes. Planning events is magic. Everyone who’s planning an event wants to create the perfect atmosphere with compelling experiences for the attendees. But let’s face it, registering for events isn’t easy.

If you are seeking simple steps to set up quick and easy registration for events, then we’ve got you covered. This article delves into 4 easy steps for event registrations with a QR code that you can use to set up seamless registrations at events. So, let’s make your next event unforgettable and effortlessly organized, from launch to landing. 

4 Easy Steps to Streamline Event Registration Process

Here are the four easy steps to streamline event registration with QR codes. Let’s quickly discuss them:

1. Scan the QR Code

The quick and easy registration process for events starts with the scanning of the QR code. Attendees can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code provided by the event organizers/event registration platform. However, the QR code can be scanned at an in-person event venue or attendees can book their seats through the mobile event app.

Scan the QR Code

Moreover, those attendees who prefer pre-event registrations for seamless check-in can download the mobile event app and register in advance. After completing the event app registration process, they receive their e-tickets via email confirmations or WhatsApp automation. Those e-tickets contain the QR code for smooth entry. This emphasizes simplicity and eliminates the need for manual event ticketing.

2. Fill in the Details 

The second step is to fill in the details after scanning the QR code. As soon as the attendees have scanned in, they will be directed to a user-friendly digital form where they will have to input the essential information. The details in event registration forms will include:

Fill in the Details 
  • Attendee’s name, contact information, and valid government ID
  • Demographic information (age, gender, location)
  • Social media handles (optional)
  • Emergency contact details for unforeseen circumstances
  • Details related to the event, such as selection of sessions, areas of interest (in case of the multiple-day event), etc
  • Optional details related to dietary preferences for catering purposes
  • Payment details such as payment mode, billing information, etc (if applicable)

The best thing about registration with QR code technology, however, is that it has eliminated the need for paper forms. It also gives participants flexibility, as they can check and edit their details before submitting. For multi-day events, these digital forms are customizable. In addition, once participants have completed all the required information, they receive a registration confirmation that assures them that their details have been submitted. This step not only speeds up seamless registrations at events but also improves the overall user experience.

3. M-Badge Received

After the successful completion of filling out the event registration forms, participants receive the M-Badge. In general, M-badges refer to a digital, unique identification badge for accessing events. The “M” in the term stands for  “mobile” or “digital”. However, this badge acts as a digital passport which provides access to different areas, sessions and VIP areas of the event

M-Badge Received

Moreover, the M-badge not only confirms registrations for events, but it also enhances the connection between attendees and the event. This makes the registration process more seamless, as attendees no longer have to worry about the event tickets. M-badges are badges that are stored directly on mobile devices, ensuring easy access. 

4. Self-Check-In Kiosks for Instant Badging

Now that seamless registration at events is complete, organizers can place self-check-in kiosks strategically at the venue throughout the event. As attendees already have the M-Badge stored on their devices, they can visit nearby self-check-in kiosks to get their event badge printed.

By using the camera on mobile devices, participants can simply scan the QR code displayed on their M-Badge at the self-check-in kiosks. In the meantime, the kiosk verifies attendee details stored in a database. After the verification process, attendees can get their printed physical event badges with their names and affiliations. Moreover, after getting the physical badges, attendees mark the completion of the entire check-in process. 

Self-Check-In Kiosks

Furthermore, instant badging at self-kiosks and registration with a QR code not only empower attendees with a self-guided experience. But it also provides event organizers with real-time insights into event metrics, which ensures a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of Quick & Easy Registrations At Events With Dreamcast

The process of event registration can make your event or break it. Therefore, it’s important to make quick and easy registration for events. With Dreamcast, you can streamline event registrations with modern technology. 

We provide event organizers with real-time insights into event metrics, allowing them to make informed decisions and ensure a hassle-free experience. Let’s know more about the benefits you can expect from Dreamcast:

Networking Opportunities:

With a focus on networking opportunities, the platform allows attendees to create comprehensive profiles which include professional information about their areas of interest. It also offers in-app networking where attendees can interact with each other, enabling seamless communication. Moreover, the platform provides tools and features for effective AI matchmaking that further facilitate business opportunities.

QR Code Enabled On-Spot and Online Functionalities:

For quick and easy registration for events, modern event tech solutions are needed. The platform leverages technologies like QR codes to simplify onsite and online event registrations. As a result, it speeds up on-spot registrations and enhances accessibility.

Third-Party Integrations and Live Commerce:

The platform integrates with third-party solutions and incorporates live commerce functionalities, expanding the scope of events beyond the registration process. Real commerce features enable real-time transactions that foster revenue generation.

Event Microsite Builder for Marketing & Driving Registrations:

Marketing is crucial. That’s why the platform empowers a dedicated event microsite for personalized agendas, speaker profiles, and event branding. This, in turn, enhances brand visibility and marketing efficiency 

WhatsApp-Driven Communication & CRM:

To ensure that attendees receive timely updates, the platform incorporates WhatsApp-driven communication and CRM between organizers and attendees. This ensures that attendees stay informed about the event schedule and it also fosters better relationships.

All-In-One Event App:

The unified platform incorporates quick and easy registration for events, networking, schedules, live polls, and other features into an all-in-one event app. This ensures that the attendee gets a simplified, intuitive experience. Also, it offers smooth and efficient event management to organizers, as they can manage all aspects of the event from the centralized interface.

Real-Time Data Analytics:

The platform provides real-time data insights into attendee behaviour, and engagement levels by collecting data in various areas. It enables organizers to access the dashboard and look into real-time data analytics in a comprehensible format. This allows organizers to make on-spot data-driven decisions and collected data also assists in post-event evaluation.

Summing Up:

By the end of the article, we know how we can set up the event registration process in four easy steps. For quick and easy registration at events, modern technologies like QR code-based ticketing, self-check-in kiosks, mobile app registrations, etc play an important role. Incorporate registering your attendees with a QR code for seamless event registration management.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an event tech suite to streamline your event registration and manage other aspects of the event, then book your free demo with Dreamcast or call us! 

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