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A Complete Guide On How To Use Periscope Live

Periscope, now a part of Twitter, is a live streaming app that is used with many other social media platforms to webcast various things. The uses for live broadcast on periscope are many in this digital age, especially with more and more brands turning to this medium for their marketing needs. With the versatility that periscope live streaming solutions provider, a lot of different avenues open for other types of streaming that can be done using it. But to properly take advantage of the live stream on periscope live, you first need to understand why and how you should use it. So here is our complete guide to Periscope live for you!

Understanding How The App Works

The basics of using any app are to understand the functions and settings. Periscope has four simple tabs for the user’s convenience, here’s what they are:

Tab 1: The first is comprised of two lists, one of which is a Teleport option while the second one is a search history of sorts. In the Teleport option, Periscope shows you a random location in the globe and depicts that as your active webcasting location. In the second one, the app shows you the history of the other streams you have watched in the last 24 hours.

Tab 2: The second tab shows you other public live streams that are happening around you on the world map. It is based on what your location is on the map.

Tab 3: The third one is a listing of the same public broadcasting streams that are being pinned on the map in the previous tab, the presentation format is just different.

Tab 4: The last tab allows you to search for followers in a convenient manner, adjust your profile display settings, and how does it appear to the followers.

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How to use periscope live streaming solutions?

It is easy to broadcast live from periscope to the public, even more so because the default webcasting settings are for the streams to make them open to the public. However, you can just as quickly change the settings to private or select a smaller audience group. A small camera icon indicates the broadcast option, and after going through the pop-up permission window, you can move ahead with your stream. After adding your name and the title of the video, adjust your location preference. After making all the setting adjustments, you can finally go live and reach the viewers who can respond by sending hearts. Your stream will be online for 24 hours before disappearing for your audiences’ view.

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Interesting Features of a Live Broadcast on Periscope

Once you understand exactly how you do a webcast with the help of a periscope live streaming service provider, you will find some very interesting features that are unique to the app. Here are some of them:

1. Landscape mode

Usually, when you live stream from a mobile device, you do it in the portrait mode, but Periscope had introduced the landscape mode for their periscope live webcasting service providers. It increases the view of the audience and also increased the possibilities of the different types of content that can be streamed.

2. Broadcaster web profiles

These are simple web profiles of the streamers online, something that eases your search for various streams. This way, you can also keep track of what their latest streams are and follow along diligently.

3. Available on Apple TV

Another unique feature of this app is that it has made Apple TV into a periscope live streaming company. You can cater to another audience and increase the numbers in your viewership.

4. Discover and skip ahead of replays

In the tab that shows you live streams pinned around the globe, you can also watch how many times any live stream has been replayed in the last 24 hours. Additionally, you can also skip ahead in the replay, moving to more important parts in the video.

5. Live stream on Twitter

Since Periscope was acquired by Twitter, another great feature that a periscope live streaming company can find useful is that you can easily embed these streams Twitter. You don’t have to leave the Twitter page actually to see live videos from Periscope.

6. Connection to Different cameras

Out of all the unique features that you find in Periscope, you will find the ability to directly stream from different types of cameras to be very rewarding. You can instantly hook up the stream from a GoPro camera or even a drone. You can get different kinds of perspectives and shots through this.

7. Sketching on Periscope

There is nothing more impressive than to put inputs and edit in things in live broadcasting on periscope.

How to use periscope live streaming solutions to boost business?

There are many uses of a live stream on periscope live, including enhancing your business through such digital marketing methods. There are ways to boost business through strategies that involve such live videos on periscope, some of them being:

1. Show sneak peeks

Giving out exclusive videos and sneak peeks of some events builds up audience anticipation, compelling more people to tune into your streams. Behind the scenes, preparations happening in real-time, etc. are all part of this.

2. Answer questions and interact

There is no better way to boost your business other than interacting with your audience. One of the best methods of such interaction is to do a live question and answer sessions with them. This way, your medium of mass communication truly becomes two-way in a manner that matters.

3. Do tutorials

People of all ages and all walks of life are curious about one thing or the other. You can do how-to videos and different tutorial types that your business might find relevant. It is a great way to build up your audience. 

There are many other ways like using influencers, use different formats or different production styles, etc. to boost the numbers in your views. Working together with a good periscope live video streaming service provider, you can do a lot for your business!

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