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14 Ways to Increase Event Live Streaming Viewers

Looking to boost your event live-streaming viewership? But simply scheduling a live stream isn’t enough to attract an audience. To truly engage with your viewers, not only must you deliver high-quality content, but you also need to know about how to increase live streaming audience in advance. Merely sharing a single post on social media doesn’t guarantee visibility. Conducting the actual live stream is just 10% of the equation; the remaining crucial component involves effective promotion.

However, we neglect the promotional aspect, only to find ourselves puzzled by stagnant view counts or a lack of viewers. The solution is to ensure that we invest time in promoting the event live streaming so that the audience can discover more about the content. This will further encourage them to decide to tune in and watch. In this comprehensive blog, we are going to explore 14 ways to significantly increase your event live-streaming viewers. So without further ado, let’s dive in:

How to Get Live-Stream Viewers?

Let’s explore the amazing ways that event organizers can use to increase live-streaming audiences:

1. Research About the Target Audience

The very first step to increase event live-streaming viewership is to know your audience. It is very crucial to understand the audience through various metrics. Identify your target audience demographics-–their age, preferences, location, and the platform they’re active on–by using analytics tools. After knowing your audience, tailor the content to meet the expectations of event live-streaming viewers. For instance, if you’re streaming a music concert live, ensure your audience understands what the music is about. Ensure that the live streaming of events resonates with the interests of your audience.

2. Use a Professional Live Streaming Platform

After identifying your target audience, you probably don’t want to disappoint them. That is why invest in a reliable live-streaming platform to ensure a seamless and professional broadcast of your event. Opt for a professional streaming platform with advanced features like high-quality video, customizable branding, robust tech support, and of course, a user-friendly interface. Moreover, consider those events live streaming platforms that provide interactive features like gamification, mobile event apps, and much more to engage the audience throughout the entire live stream.

Professional Live Streaming Platform

3. Collaborate with Niche Influencers

It’s time for another identification. To increase the number of live-streaming viewers of an event, identify the niche influencers that align with your event’s theme and agenda. Leverage the reach and credibility of influencers and monitor the change in viewership. As an event organizer, focus on building genuine relationships with influencers by working towards collaborations. This way, you can achieve higher engagement through authenticity and an engaged fan base that will attract viewers to livestream the event.

4. Multilingual Streaming to Cater Global Audience

Incorporate multilingual streaming options to increase the event streaming audience Focus on making your event live streaming more accessible to a global audience. However, doing so will enhance inclusivity, break language barriers, and attract more viewers from different backgrounds. Therefore, consider utilizing the multilingual moderators to reach a wider audience. For instance, implement professional translation services, incorporating subtitles or using audio tracks for attendees with different languages.

5. Invest in High-Quality Production

Never underestimate the power of quality production. Elevate the game of event live streaming by elevating the production quality to keep the audience engaged. Make sure to invest in professional equipment, lighting, and audio setups to create a visually appealing and immersive experience. Hire professional freelancers for some key roles like videography and editing to ensure an attention-grabbing event live streaming that keeps the audience captivated.

6. Utilize Multiple Streaming Platforms For Wider Reach

What’s a better idea to increase the event live-streaming viewers than leveraging multiple platforms for streaming? Expand the reach of the event live streaming with popular platforms among the audience. Identify which platforms align with your target audience preference, and maximize the visibility of your live stream along with accessibility for potential audiences.

For instance, consider event live streaming on platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch for maximum exposure.

7. Tease Upcoming Content To Create Buzz

Still confused about how to get live stream viewers for an event? Utilize compelling, engaging trailers, viral snake peeks and behind scenes to create the feeling of curiosity and excitement among event live-streaming viewers. However, doing so can become your pre-event registration marketing strategy. For instance, create short teaser videos that highlight your upcoming live stream. Leverage social media channels, email, and newsletters to reach more audiences. For instance, use phrases like “Don’t miss out on this exclusive reveal!”  or use countdown timers to generate buzz.

8. Leverage Social Media to its Fullest Potential

Social media is considered one of the most powerful tools in the digital era. About 90% or 4 million viewers are actively engaged on different platforms every hour. Therefore, leverage the power of social media to increase event live-streaming viewers. Create buzz and develop a strategic, comprehensive plan for social media. Share about your event’s goals, objectives, agendas, and a glimpse of past events on social media. Encourage audience interaction by doing Q&A sessions. For instance, create engaging posts, hashtags, and eye-catching visuals for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp posts and stories. Also, ask your audience to share, comment, and spread the word about the event live streaming.

9. Interactive Polls and Surveys &  Live Q&A with Celebrities

Engagement is one of the metrics which contributes to increase event live-streaming viewers. Focus on audience engagement by incorporating interactive features such as surveys, polls, live Q&A, and emoji/sticker reactions. Also, organize live questioning and answering rounds with industry experts or celebrities related to your event. By leveraging these interactive elements, you’ll not only increase live streaming viewers but also add a dynamic aspect to the event’s live streaming. For instance, when you leverage the power of social media, ask for polls, and conduct surveys. During the live stream, host a live Q&A session with well-known experts in the event’s industry, allowing viewers to ask questions in real-time.

Interactive Polls and Surveys

10. Offer Perks to Subscribers

To attract more event live-streaming audiences, incentivize their loyalty by creating or offering them a subscription model. This can include exclusive benefits such as special discount coupons, on-demand access, event merchandise or exclusive BTS of events. However, this makes your attendees feel valued and they’ll be more likely to support your event live streaming by building a whole community of subscribers. 

11. Event Live Streaming During Peak Hours

Streaming hours play an important role in event live-streaming viewership. Identify and analyze the online activity patterns of your audience. Find out the peak hours when your viewers are most active and less likely to engage. Experiment with different time slots and monitor the analytics to determine the optimal time for event live streaming. By doing so, scheduled timing will ensure maximum visibility and attract a larger live-streaming audience of the event.

12. Use SEO Strategies for The Live Streaming

Still thinking about how to get live stream viewers? Use SEO strategies. Optimize the content of the live stream by incorporating relevant keywords, attention-grabbing titles, and compelling tags and descriptions. This will attract traffic to your event landing page, resulting in more event registrations and then live streaming. For instance, optimize event live streaming with relevant or trending keywords. If your event is conference-based, trade shows and music concerts, then include keywords like “conference event registrations,”  or “trade expo 2024” to enhance discoverability on search engines.

SEO Strategies for The Live Streaming

13. Mystery Content Drops

Add an element of excitement in the form of surprise by incorporating unannounced mystery content in the live stream. This can be exclusive interviews, BTS footage, and early-bird event registration for the next event live streaming. As a result, this mystery content generates curiosity and buzz among the viewers. For instance, announce a surprise guest or content drop a few days before the event. Tease it on social media handles with the caption ”Stick to screens because something big is coming your way!”

14. Lengthen Your Broadcast

Last but not least, to increase the event live streaming audience, make sure to extend the duration of the live stream. Long broadcasts provide more opportunities for viewers to join in. Therefore, focus on maintaining quality and incorporating diverse content segments like introductions, expert interviews, discussion, live demonstrations and interactive elements. As a result, it keeps the audience’s interest intact and they are more likely to join in or might invite their acquaintances to the livestream.

By implementing these strategies, event organizers can not only enhance the visibility of their event live streams. But they also create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for their audience.


By the end of this blog, we have discovered the fourteen effective strategies that you can use to significantly increase your event’s live-streaming viewers. From choosing a live-streaming platform, and setting up the equipment to promoting the event stream, along with strategic planning ensures that your live stream reaches a wider audience. Consider the above-mentioned tips to level up the event’s live streaming.
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