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5 Secrets For A Marvelous Virtual Event In 2021

The user-friendly interface and cost efficiency of virtual events have made them the future of our tech-savvy generation. We all are aware of how the covid-19 pandemic changed and modified the perspective of our life entirely. From enjoying our family’s company to taking organisational decisions, we came across different yet extremely effective techniques. Numerous prominent brands from every corner of the world started to host virtual events to cater to their requirements. These virtual events proved to be a huge success for their organization.

We all know that virtual events are just like in-person events except they take place virtually. These events are streamed to the virtual audience with the help of virtual event platforms. The main reason behind the mind-blogging success of virtual events is its no limit of participation. This implies that countless individuals are allowed to join virtually. They can gain valuable insights whilst maintaining their utmost solace. Thus, virtual events have allowed organisations to indulge in regular brainstorming sessions.

This has yielded better results in a short time. But certainly, engaging virtual attendees for a period of 15 minutes to 1 hour is not easy.

All the organisations have realised that their participation boosted drastically with the help of virtual events. But, they soon found out that more individuals were able to leave just as easily. Upon realising that a virtual event was not up to their expectations, they just walked away. This became an extremely tedious situation for an organisation. It required a long-term solution that too on time.

Therefore, we have amalgamated this article for your assistance.

The Secrets Behind Hosting A Perfect Virtual Event

After running thorough research and analysing countless experiences of virtual attendees. We found out some important information that consists of valuable insights. This article covers up the 5 secrets that will help you host successful virtual events online. So, if you want to keep the audience engaged throughout your virtual event, continue reading further!

#1 Increase The Effectiveness With Engaging Features

Upon analysing the encounters of virtual attendees, we were able to pinpoint the main reason behind an ineffective virtual event. Yes, you guessed it right! Utilising less engaging features completely excludes the participants and makes them more susceptible to leaving.  In order to avoid the situation, it is recommended to include several engagement features. These highlights must allow an organisation to boost up the audience interaction and keep the productivity level high. You can utilise features like live polls, live surveys, gamification, and a lot more. This will boost up the adrenaline of your virtual attendance and give them a chance to channelise their energy effectively.

#2 Deliver A Life-Like Experience Virtually

If you want to keep the audience interested in your virtual event, you must render a life-like experience. This basically implies that you must utilise the power of customisation. Countless virtual event platforms facilitate organisations to alter every aspect of their virtual event. This empowers them to modify the different features present in a virtual event according to their requirements. By altering various aspects of a virtual event, brands are able to modify as per their level of expectation. This creates a real environment that develops a sense of reality among the attendees. You can incorporate features like DIY booth builder, dynamic banners, dynamic lobby, DIY button and icon names, and a lot more. This will allow you to match your brand’s requirements and create a virtual event just like a physical one.

#3 Allow Participants To Interact Seamlessly

Boosting audience interaction is another secret to hosting a successful virtual event. By providing individuals with an opportunity to communicate with each other, you motivate them to participate more. This allows all the virtual attendees to come forward and share their ideologies. In order to achieve this, you must incorporate numerous features like live chat, live audio and video calls, automatic feedback forms and so forth. This feature allows them to share their insights regarding various topics of a virtual event. It also empowers them to clear their doubts and get a deeper understanding of the topic. Therefore, it makes your virtual event more effective and successful in the long run.

#4 Benefit From The Potential Of Social Media

One cannot skip the fact that social media holds tremendous power in this generation. The targeted audience spends a significant amount of their daily time, scrolling through social media platforms. Thus, it is undeniably important to strategically utilise this virtual space. It implies that you must effectively promote your impending virtual event and create an exciting buzz among the individuals. You can utilize the power of paid advertisements or communicate with the numerous influences out there. Unquestionably, these features help you in achieving your targeted goals by spreading the word rapidly. Therefore, it is advised to utilise the potential of social media and use it for your benefit.

#5 Add A Hybrid Perspective

Lastly, there is no harm in getting more creative with the virtual world and its endless possibilities. Thus, you can also add a hybrid event perspective to enhance your effectiveness. A hybrid event is the perfect fusion of virtual as well as physical elements. This allows individuals to enjoy the best of both worlds, that too from the comfort of their homes. In a hybrid event, few individuals are present at the physical event location. Whereas the rest are connected through a virtual medium. This is a great way to add a twist of reality with the help of a virtual event platform. Hybrid events are gaining significant popularity as they allow organisations to host an immersive event. This event provides a holistic experience to the virtual attendees and boosts up their understanding of the entire concept effortlessly.


Virtual events have unfathomable potential. They can provide informative content to the virtual participants whilst maintaining social distancing norms. This hi-tech innovation proved to be quite effective during the times of coronavirus pandemic. But, organisations also saw an increase in withdrawals of virtual attendees. This was mainly motivated by reasons like long sessions, less engaging content, and so forth. Therefore, in the above-mentioned article, we have covered the secrets to hosting a successful virtual event in 2021. We have summarised our insightful information in five different pointers. We trust that this article would provide you with significant virtual event solutions and help you eliminate unnecessary aspects.

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