Webinars: Definition and The Purposes It Serves

Working in a start-up or in a well known multinational company, chances are you are quite familiar with the word webinar.

You’ve also probably received invites to attend a few webinars, have sent out invites to your clients and contacts to attend some webinars, or have been a part of the planning and preparation of one.

Especially now, with COVID-19 pandemic looming over our heads, events, conferences and meetings have all shifted to digital forum. A sheer number of virtual webinars were held around the globe in the past few months.

So, it begs the question, what really is a virtual webinar?

Paraphrased in layman terms, a virtual webinar is an online meeting, conference, or presentation held in real-time. It can have one or multiple speakers, and can cover one or many topics pertaining to a centric discussion.

The main purpose of webinars is to facilitate interaction, communication and sharing among participants, in real-time.

Webinar technology providers offer a variety of tools to help participants discuss, interact with each other and share pictures, presentations, graphs, etc. in real-time.


Most well-known webinar platform provides users with video sharing and presentations, chat functionality, virtual whiteboards, polls and surveys, desktop sharing, and session recording services. These help the webinar to transition from a mere virtual meeting of sorts, into a more engaging, interactive virtual webinar experience!

Why Webinars?

Well, put simply, webinars offer a much more interactive engagement format to all the participants, and are convenient for both the presenters and the attendees.

Their vast variety of resources for facilitating engaging interactions within the virtual realm is what has contributed to their popularity in the last few years.

Webinar live video streaming services have effectively reduced the need to be physically present at an event, meeting or conference, as people everywhere and anywhere can attend these webinars. Thus, webinars are considered as an important tool for organizations.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, you just need a laptop, an internet connection and a good quality microphone to be able to attend the webinar!

For organizers, it means that they no longer have to worry about arranging travels for all the participants, taking care of their accommodations and food, putting up with taxi services and passport related snarls, in case of international speakers!

With custom webinar solutions like most webinar platforms provide, hosting webinars is as simple and easy as watching a YouTube video, or posting on Reddit!

What are the purposes of Webinars?

Simply put, webinars allow attendees to interact with each other from their remote locations. Through webinars, people from across the globe can connect over a mutually shared platform and share thoughts, information, knowledge and visions with each other.

The best webinar services are effective in transforming almost all areas of our lives. Below, we take a look at how effective webinars can be in different spheres of life.

Webinar Solutions for Different Segments

Online Education and Training

cdn live streaming services

Through the use of webinar technology providers, educators all over the world can effectively engage with students globally on an academic topic, without having to be physically present with all or any of them.

This also means that universities that hold annual webinars for raising awareness about certain educational topics, don’t have to splurge on travel tickets, accommodation settings and food-related expenses of participating students.

This means that hosts can spend these resources on ensuring better engagement and interaction facilities with their participants in their webinars. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation of the present times, when classes all over the world have moved to online forums, webinar live video streaming can in fact come in handy to provide both the students and the teachers with an interactive, engaging teaching experience! 

Webinar live video streaming can also prove beneficial for a host of multinational companies that have, at any time, employees joining at various centers from all over the world. 

Since the company heads can’t be at multiple locations to train the new employees, webinar live video streaming platforms chime in to help.

With interactive tools at their expense to help facilitate better communication and engagement between employees and employers, custom webinar solutions help fulfill the physical distance between them!

Webinars for Marketing and Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Fair

Marketing is the one field that has single-handedly claimed the most benefits of virtual webinar solutions. 

From hosting virtual town hall meetings to annual AGMs, to client-servicing team conferences and virtual trade expos, Webinar platforms have helped the marketing world immensely.

Webinars are great for brands to engage their customers on a one-on-one basis, the next best after physical discussions.

Virtual product showcases, expert discussions, conferences and live launches, are just some examples of how webinar technology providers are changing the face of corporate marketing.

Custom webinar solutions, in fact, have been the very ones that have helped brands still continue to launch new products and hold engaging online sessions with their customers during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Looking at the multitude of virtual success stories going around, it’s only intelligent to consider the might of some of the best webinar services in furthering your business graph and ensuring customer satisfaction!

Webinars for Medical Services

Medical Webinars

Doctors all over the world today are united against a common enemy, the Coronavirus. But even though they all want the same thing, it isn’t always possible for all of them to huddle together at a single place and discuss new findings, clinical observations and vaccine updates!

All of this can be, and has been in the past few months, effectively taken care of by webinar solutions.

Virtual webinar providers’ interactive and easy-to-use webinar tools offer efficient, engaging features to medical experts to help them connect over a shared virtual platform and share relevant insights and findings over their latest medical cases.

Virtual webinars can also be utilized to train young medical students and newly started practitioners to better understand new medical cases and apply the best medical practices in treating them.

Especially useful now in the times of COVID-19, young medical students and private practitioners all over the world can effectively utilize some of the best & renowned webinar live video streaming services that offer users a slew of interactive features like whiteboards, file sharing capabilities, virtual chat rooms and visual walkthroughs, to connect with each other better.

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