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Pharma Event Management: Explore Strategies, Tips & Ideas

In the rapidly evolving world of event tech and healthcare combined come up with an urgent need to incorporate with technological advancement. In the ever-growing pharma industry, there are many in-person events virtual and hybrid take place. To ensure the success of such events, it is essential to rely on impactful strategies, planning, executions, and pharma event management solutions while deploying innovative ideas. 

Here in this blog, we are going to explore the wide range of event tech solutions including pharma event registration, check-in, communication platforms, and other key solutions. Furthermore, we have covered the insider’s tips and strategies to help you plan and execute successful events that leave a lasting impression. So, without further ado, let’s get started; 

What Are Pharma Event Management Solutions, and Why Are They Required?

In simple terms, pharmaceutical event management refers to a specialized set of tools and strategies that help the organizers in managing the events. The solution can range from the custom needs of the host based on their goals, unique challenges, and requirements associated with organizing events in the pharmaceutical sector.

In the digital world, it is quite important to adopt such technological solutions to automate multi-layer tasks including registration, access management, communication, and more. However, at this current time, it will be outdated to continue the box office culture for ticketing (manual procedure). Additionally, to compete in the market as well as to give attendees a hassle-free experience, leveraging healthcare event management solutions is true. 

In this blog, we will deeply discuss all the crucial solutions that are commonly beneficial to use to host healthcare conferences and events. Furthermore, discuss their benefits like how they can enhance efficiency, improve attendee engagement, and ultimately achieve the objectives of their events effectively.

Pharma Event Management Solutions for Seamless Registration and Ticketing

Technology is the key to streamlining the pharma event registration, check-in, and ticketing process. Here are some innovative solutions to consider:

Mobile Event Apps and Microsites

In 2024 who doesn’t have a smartphone and internet accessibility? Look around you and then answer. There is no one. Now again, think about who travels to register for an event. Now one, right? With the help of mobile apps and microsites, there is no need for manual pharma event registration and check-in too. 

The mobile event app or pharmaceutical event microsite simply serves as a centralized hub where attendees can access event information, and register themselves. Additionally, interactive elements like breakout rooms and meeting and matchmaking platforms (integrated) allow attendees to connect with fellow participants. These tools can be fully customizable in terms of features, functionality, multi-tier registration preference, user interface, and other dynamics. 

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Furthermore, the host can send push notifications over the event app regarding any announcements, schedule changes, and networking opportunities. Not only that, but attendees can view detailed agendas, explore speaker profiles, and access an interactive 3D wayfinder (specific event map). With custom mobile apps and microsites, event organizers can boost attendee engagement, streamline event management processes, and create a personalized and immersive event experience.

QR-Based Badges

Once the user has registered for the event it is now the time for the day the event is conducted and that is where we came to access management. Pharmaceutical events are professional affairs and badges are quite obvious to consider. Nowadays, technological advancements have come up with M-Badges (digital QR-based badge one gets with registration confirmation). By integrating QR codes on badges, digital badges (or tickets) organizers can speed up the check-in process and improve access management. This approach will reduce wait times and enhance the attendee experience. Attendees can easily scan their QR-coded badges at designated checkpoints using their smartphones or dedicated scanning devices.

From the security perspective, it’s a good pharma management solution, as it eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to event areas. Additionally, QR-based badges provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper badges. This leads to saving printing costs while maximizing operational efficiency and attendee satisfaction.

Self-Check-In Kiosks

Self-check-in kiosks are an easy-to-use solution for in-person event organizers who want to speed up attendee check-in. Placing them at strategic entry points at the event can allow attendees to check in quickly without requiring help from staff. Solutions like Turnstile for events let attendees access if the attendee just showcases their QR-based badge in it. This way attendees can save time, organizers can reduce queues at healthcare events, and improve event efficiency. Additionally, organizers can track attendee arrivals in real-time and adjust staffing as required for a smoother pharma event check-in process. 

Onsite Badge Printing Machines

Badge printing is something that is indeed an on-site solution, as pre-printed badges have many cons. What if organizers get short of badges in case of on-spot attendees increase and vice versa. However, with onsite badge printing machines, it adds convenience that ensures attendees get their personalized event badges quickly. 

By simply inputting the details or scanning QR-coded badges attendees can print This overall improves the attendee experience, reduces wait times, and makes pharma event registration seamless. Furthermore, organizers can customize the badges in terms of design, and other key elements as desired goals.

Harnessing Data Analytics for Insights and Optimization

In 2024, undoubtedly the data is king and every healthcare event organizer should take this advantage. In simple terms, data analytics is quite essential and plays a vital role in the whole event management process.  By utilizing the data analytics tools and event CRM systems, organizers can gain valuable insights into attendee behavior, preferences, and engagement metrics. 

Event CRM Systems

In modern-day events, conferences, trade fairs, expos, or others, deploying event CRM systems is necessary. The CRM helps in fostering meaningful connections with automated yet personalized communication and enriches engagement. Based on the attendee’s details, registration history, engagement, and preferences, organizers can understand them better. Additionally, event CRM systems enable automated follow-ups over email or with the integration of WhatsApp automation. Also, post-event analysis and feedback can be helpful and lead to long-term relationship building. 

Event CRM Systems

Automating Communication with WhatsApp Automation

Effective communication is necessary for keeping attendees informed and engaged before, during, and after the event. WhatsApp’s automation offers a convenient and efficient way to communicate with attendees, providing timely updates, reminders, and important information. Here’s how you can leverage WhatsApp automation for your pharmaceutical events:

Timely Updates: Take use of WhatsApp automation to send participants event updates, agenda details, and important announcements or last-minute changes.  This approach is helpful to ensure attendees are well-informed.

Personalized Communication: Filter out or segment your attendee list and send personalized messages. This can vary based on different groups, interests, preferences, and registration status.

Post-Event Connections: Send post-event feedback to forums or other engagement posts to follow up with attendees after the event. Also, sending thank-you messages, post-event resources, and feedback surveys can be helpful to gain valuable insights and maintain ongoing communication with attendees.

Ideas and Best Practices for Pharma Event Management Success

Planning and executing successful pharmaceutical events requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on attendee experience. Here are some ideas and best practices to help you achieve success with your pharma events:

Pre-Event Planning: Start planning your event well in advance to ensure ample time for preparation and coordination. Define clear objectives, establish target audiences, and select appropriate venues and dates that align with your event goals.

Engaging Content: By creating relevant content that addresses the interests and needs of your target audience, you can build relationships. Consider including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities to create a dynamic and engaging event program.

Networking Opportunities: Facilitate meaningful networking opportunities for attendees to connect, collaborate, and share insights with industry peers and thought leaders. Organize interactive sessions, roundtable discussions, or even live stream your events to encourage networking.

Post-Event Evaluation: Conduct thorough post-event evaluations to gather feedback from attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders. Use this feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses, measure event success, and make data-driven decisions for future event planning and optimization.


In short, we can draw a conclusion that pharma event management solutions are best to take advantage of. As it offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals. By leveraging technology, data analytics, and automation tools, hosts can simplify event operations, enhance attendee experiences, and drive meaningful connections and outcomes. Whether you’re planning a conference, seminar, or product launch, embracing innovative event management solutions can elevate your events to new levels of success. So, take advantage of technology and strategic planning with the Dreamcast event tech suite and create impactful pharma events. Book your free demo now and get a personalized session to get all your queries resolved.

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