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Onsite Event Solutions: Before, During, and After the Event

Hosting a successful on-ground event requires thorough planning, seamless execution, onsite event solutions, and thoughtful post-event management. Regardless of the event format, be it a trade show, business conference, product launch, or AGM, exploring every aspect is necessary for ensuring success. With the rapid development of event tech solutions, choosing the right one becomes the ultimate hustle. As an event host or organizer, you are keenly aware of the roadmap, but as an event tech suite, we are here to guide you through the key post and pre onsite event management tools and solutions. So, let’s delve into the key functionalities and benefits offered by these on-site event solutions at every stage—before, during, and after the event.

Onsite Event Solutions: What Are They, and How Are They Helpful for Event Organizers?

On-site event solutions encompass a suite of tools and technologies designed to streamline various aspects of event planning, execution, and post-event management. These solutions play a crucial role for event organizers, offering functionalities such as an efficient event check-in system and badge printing, event microsite, real-time data analytics, networking facilitation, post-event surveys, and beyond. Whether you are looking to enhance attendee engagement during the event or to keep them connected after the event, onsite event solutions contribute to the overall success of diverse events.

Onsite Event Solutions for Organizers

For event hosts, leveraging on-site event solutions helps them simplify logistics, enhance attendee experiences, and streamline operations. These comprehensive tools empower hosts to focus on creating memorable events, fostering meaningful connections, and ensuring an effortless end-to-end event management experience. From pre-event preparations to real-time engagement and insightful post-event analysis. It serves as an essential help for the organizers aiming to elevate the overall impact of their events. 

Now, let’s explore the top onsite event solutions and tools based on their categorisation— before, during, and after the event. This categorisation will help you to understand and visualize all the tools in reality about how they can help you. 

Pre Onsite Event Management: Building a Strong Foundation Before the Event

To host any event there are many aspects that come during the planning stage. The first would always be scheduling the right date, and timings, choosing a venue, and starting promotions for maximized event awareness. Once this starts, then capture more attendees and get them registered. So, here are the mentioned essential pre-on-site event management tools to lift your management efforts. 

Event Microsite: A Dedicated Hub for Information

If you are planning to host any short of event then in this digital world an event microsite is what you should invest in. The event microsite is a single web page site that can be fully customizable as per organizers’ goals, event themes and others. This serves as the central hub for delivering comprehensive event details to the attendees. Furthermore, this dedicated hub becomes the go-to resource for attendees, offering centralized information on schedules, speaker bios, venue maps, and more.

Event Microsite

Registration Form/Landing Page: Streamlining Attendee Sign-Ups

The next is the registration and ticketing system, in the microsite, it can be used for registrations. By customizing the registration forms and engaging landing pages the host not only encourages sign-ups but also facilitates efficient data collection. As all the event details are already on the microsite, it can contribute to a positive first impression. Furthermore, a microsite can be opened on any device, and online registrations both help save attendees time and effort. 

Event Registration & Ticketing Suite

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Event Registration & Ticketing Suite

Automated Communication: Personalizing Event Invitations for Engagement

Think like someone has seen your microsite, liked to attend your event and registered. Now, you have to send the confirmation of their registration. So, with the help of automated communication tools, combined with advanced Event CRM and WhatsApp Automation it can be done. They play a pivotal role in fostering quick communication and stakeholder engagement. The event CRM functionality ensures efficient management of contacts, outlining event goals and strategies, and laying the groundwork for a successful event lifecycle. Also, you can start sending push notifications via text, WhatsApp, and mail as preferred by the host. 

Travel & Accommodation Management: Ensuring Hassle-Free Logistics

For an on-ground event, the host has to think about the travel and accommodations. If you are providing then mention these details in the confirmation email (via communication channels like WhatsApp and mail). Even though not provided the accommodation, help them by sending them to event venues nearby hotels, and other places. You can also put this information on your microsite or send these details separately. With these details, hosts can enhance attendee satisfaction, setting the stage for a convenient and well-managed event experience.

These four are major parts of in-person event planning and onsite event solutions recommendation. Well, there are other tools also that are useful like RSVP management (to confirm the registrants of their arrival at events). Furthermore, now coming to the event day or during the event. 

During Event Management Solutions: Ensuring Smooth Convenience, Engagement, and Interactivity

At the time of the event, there are key aspects that need to be accounted for. For that think about why an attendee is about to attend your event, there might be many answers. However, in-person events are meant for networking, and engagement, and experiencing something new leads to wider social reach. But the user journey starts with check-in. So, let’s explore this and then all others. 

Event Check-in & Badge Printing: Streamlining Onsite Operations

Smooth event operations start with efficient check-in and badge printing solutions. These tools ensure a seamless on-site experience, reducing wait times and enhancing attendee satisfaction. Advanced features like facial recognition-based check-ins and RFID-enabled or QR-based badges contribute to optimized entry processes, providing heightened security. Also, with good event tech provider collaboration you can deploy self-serve registrations (for last-moment attendees), on-site badge printing machines, and self-check-in kiosks. These add-ons will lead to a convenient attendee experience utilizing the onsite event solutions. 

Seeking Simplified Event Check-In and Badging?

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Seeking Simplified Event Check-In and Badging?

Mobile Event App: Real-Time Updates and Interactive Features

For engagement and to give attendees a chance to expand their social reach, a mobile event app can be helpful. The mobile event app serves as a real-time communication hub during the event, offering updates, interactive features, and essential information for both virtual and physical attendees. Attendees can access schedules, participate in polls, and engage in networking opportunities, contributing to an immersive event experience. Furthermore, matchmaking functions can also be customized to give attendees the opportunity to expand their social circle. Besides this QR-based badges can be scanned through the event app to get the attendee’s details and in a trade show, this functionality can be leveraged as lead retrieval. 

Mobile Event App

Gamification/Engagement: Elevating Attendee Participation

Incorporating gamification and engagement features enhances attendee participation and interaction. From interactive polls to gamified challenges, these functionalities contribute to a lively and dynamic event atmosphere, ensuring that attendees remain engaged and invested in the event content. Additionally, you can deploy AR/VR games as per your event theme. Many onsite event solutions providers offer such games and customize them as per your specific desires. 

If not games, then a 360-degree photo booth and social wall can also be another good event tech solution to consider. Depending upon the budget and how much the organizer is willing to provide an engagement level to their attendees such tools can be chosen. 

Networking: Facilitating Meaningful Connections

At your in-person event, offer exclusive networking opportunities provided by dedicated platforms (like an event app) to foster meaningful connections. This approach of creating a dedicated space contributes to a vibrant event environment and positions the brand as a thought leader within the B2B space. In general, this functionality is utilized by corporate events, but you can experiment for good.

Real-Time Data Analytics: Immediate Insights for Continuous Improvement

This is the most underrated functionality yet the most vital. Real-time data analytics offer immediate insights during the event, contributing to continuous improvement. Hosts can monitor attendee behavior, engagement levels, and the effectiveness of various event elements in real time. This functionality ensures that hosts can make informed decisions on the fly for an optimized event experience.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Post Event Management: Analyzing, Learning, and Improving

After your event, it is now time to send personalized thank you to follow-up or feedback posts, to get insights about the attendee’s experience. Post event management is valuable for making informed decisions and improving the next event as well as increasing the overall ROI. 

Follow-Up & Surveys: Gathering Post-Event Feedback

Following up with attendees and collecting post-event feedback is crucial for refining future strategies. Automated follow-up emails or personalized easy-to-fill forms (MCQ-based) with the help of event CRM and survey tools enable hosts to gather insights, identify areas for improvement, and gauge attendee satisfaction. This step is vital in enriching future events based on attendee preferences.

Documents and Attendees’ Pictures: Archiving Event Memories

It is a common sense of knowledge to have photography and videography of any events. Also, there are many documents which can be a resource to many attendees. For example if you have hosted a conference there are many resources, documents which can be shared to attendees as part of your post event management strategies. Besides these, send a drive link to the attendees and let them find their pictures, which can be later posted to the social media accounts for enriched engagement. 

Furthermore, archiving materials such as presentations, documents, and event photos ensures a comprehensive record of the event. Attendees can access these resources via personalized links through your deployed mobile event app or microsite.

Analytics and Report: Leveraging Post-Event Data

It is never all about generating revenue, an event’s KPI (Key performance indicators) is beyond that. As it will be an added advantage to understand attendee engagement, their behavioral pattern, which part of the event is most liked or least liked, content effectiveness, and other key metrics. Utilizing this data is essential for refining future strategies and ensuring continuous improvement in event hosting. But if you think about how you will get this data? Then you need to look back at the first onsite event solutions,  that is your microsite. The registrants details (for post event follow-ups), their attendance in different sessions, social media wall posts, engagement, interactivity, and others. Also, if you leverage live streaming services then the engagement metrics to viewers numbers and demographics is helpful. 

So, this all about the on-site event solutions with the user journey and categorized based on the before, during and after the event. 

Summing Up

It is all clear that to host any type of events from b2b to b2c, conference, trade shows, conferences or any onsite event solutions are critical to incorporate. This event tech solutions not just ease the management, but work towards enhancing the attendee experience as well. By utilizing multiple tools and solutions provided by event tech companies, seamless, convenient and maximize ROI is possible. If you are also looking forward to earning that attendee satisfaction while generating higher ROI, then you are at the right place. We are Dreamcast to all-in-one event tech company serving from past 13+ years. We are equipped with all the onsite event solutions and offer 100% customization so you can make your vision into reality. Book Your Free Demo now with us and get all your queries answered.


What is the importance of onsite event management solutions?

The event management solutions for onsite operations are crucial to ensure the seamless execution of events, offering real-time control over various aspects such as check-in, engagement, and networking. They rightly work combined to enhance the attendee experience, streamline operations, and provide valuable data for post-event analysis.

What is the difference between onsite and hybrid event solutions?

Onsite event solutions are utilized for in-person events, focusing on check-in, badge printing, and physical engagement. Whereas hybrid event solutions incorporate virtual elements, enabling remote participation alongside onsite activities, and making events accessible to a broader audience.

What are the advantages of onsite event management tools?

There are several advantages of utilizing them, including efficient check-in processes, streamlined badge printing, enhanced attendee engagement through event apps, and real-time data analytics. Additionally, they contribute to a smoother event experience, increased attendee satisfaction, and better post-event insights.

Which are on-site event tech management solutions’ most significant functionalities and offerings?

On-site event tech management solutions offer significant functionalities such as;
Streamlined check-in processes
Efficient badge printing
Event apps
Comprehensive analytics for post-event insights

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


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