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Facebook Live Vs Instagram Live Streaming

According to statistics, live video is the most interesting medium of content in today’s internet! Watching a live video stream is preferred by 80% of brand followers over reading a blog post by the same brand.  Facebook Live streaming and Instagram Live streaming have also played a role in propelling the growth of live video by integrating it with two of the largest social networks in the world today.

Most brands are already using Instagram Live streaming services and Facebook Live webcasting solutions as part of their online communications strategy to create more impact using digital media and marketing.

Even though both Facebook Live and Instagram Live streaming seem to have the same foundation as both of them are live-streaming video platforms on massively popular social networks, there are a few differences that separate the two of them.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how live streaming operates on Facebook Live and Instagram Live and understand the similarities and differences between the two major live video streaming platforms in the world today!


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Before we discuss the differences between Facebook Live streaming and Instagram Live streaming, we need to understand the similarities between the two of them first:

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  • Both of them allow users on their platform to go live and engage with their followers in real-time.
  • Both of them notify a brand’s follower by push notifications when the brand is streaming live video.
  • Both of them provide analytics for every live stream and allow the live streamer to engage with their audience in real time and enable the audience to leave comments and likes in real time too.

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How Facebook Live works

Here are a few pointers as to how live video works on Facebook Live:

Facebook Live Broadacast
  • When you go live on Facebook, many of your followers would be notified, but not all of them. However, anyone who visits your page will be able to see the live video and watch it in real time.
  • After the video is over, you will be given the option of saving the video and making it a permanent post on your profile. This allows you to extract even more value from your live videos by making them long-term content and allowing people to view the video on demand.
  • Facebook allows you to do Facebook Live streaming from both the mobile app or the desktop and live videos can be watched on all types of devices!

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How Instagram Live Works

Here are a few pointers as to how live video works on Instagram Live:

Instagram Live Video
  • Live video is a feature of Instagram stories, and they disappear 24 hours after the live video has ended. The moment you go live, not only will your followers be notified, but you’ll also be given a priority in the stories section of the app, which dramatically increases your reach on Instagram.
  • On the downside, there is no option of saving entire live streams when you’re doing Instagram Live streaming. This means the content has no permanence unless you’re using a dedicated company offering Instagram Live streaming services, but even then your live video wouldn’t be watchable on-demand in your profile.
  • This lack of permanence also has a positive side as you can use the urgency to your advantage when you’re going live and utilize the fear of missing out of your followers to make your live stream more successful.

Tips for Facebook Live

Here are some Facebook live streaming tips that can help you when you’re streaming on Facebook Live to maximize the returns on your live video:

Facebook Live
  • Focus on creating a fantastic headline and description! This will be the first impression of your live video on your audience so you should ensure it is impactful and exciting.
  • Post the video immediately after you’ve finished broadcasting. This increases the reusability of the content and also creates a long-term piece of content which can boost your profile’s reach.
  • Engage and interact with your audience throughout the entire stream and utilize the comments section to promote your live stream with your followers.
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Tips for IG Live

Here are some tips that can help you when you’re streaming on Instagram Live in order to maximize the returns on your live streaming video:

Instagram Live
  • Focus on the sense of urgency and create content based around it. Instagram Live videos are only available on the platform for 24 hours after the broadcast has ended.
  • If your live video is going to be a long one, it is a good idea to recap the content periodically to ensure your new viewers don’t feel out of the loop.
  • Promote your live stream in advance to let your followers know you’re going to be live streaming! Plan for effective live streaming strategies.

For Professional Needs, Use a Dedicated Live Streaming Company!

If you’re considering live video streaming seriously for your brand, you should avail the Instagram live streaming services from a dedicated live streaming company like Dreamcast. We provide services to help you with the entire process end-to-end – from network to equipment to management of the whole stream!