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Best Practices For Lead Generation During Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption in our lives, as well as the world’s economies. It has seriously disrupted supply and demand chains all over the globe, locked people within their homes and made businesses struggle with generating leads and keeping client services afloat.

What’s more difficult about this entire situation is, no one really knows when this is going to get any better.

And a direct implication of this uncertainty can be seen by the impact it has had on service-sector businesses, which continue to struggle with lead generation and customer satisfaction since the pandemic suspended in-person marketing activities.

However, all is not lost, as humankind is resilient. As soon as the pandemic hit and it became obvious that the world won’t be able to go back to its old ways, marketers came up with new ways to engage customers, clients and the general public at large.

These include virtual meetings, virtual events, virtual conferences to keep operations going and increase coordination among teams, virtual fairs and exhibitions to keep customers engaged and hooked and virtual marketplaces, virtual webinars to keep customers and clients happy!

If your organization is still struggling with lead generation practices and customer satisfaction issues during this pandemic, we’ve chalked up a few foolproof ways to help you get leads in this pandemic ravaged world. Read below to know!

1. Adopt Virtual Business Practices

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The first step you need to take if you’re planning on running ahead of this pandemic is to adopt virtual business and work practices as soon as you can, and with ease. 

This includes adopting remote working practices, virtual interaction with clients and conferencing solutions. It is important to go virtual in the times of pandemic to avoid any issues in your business growth.

Work from home comes with a lot of challenges, especially concerning inter-team communication. The same is true of client relationship management during an extended lockdown, as face-to-face visits aren’t possible.

Virtual conferencing solutions and meetings can really save the day here, with their extensive features designed to help businesses maintain effective communication between team members and keeping a tab on client expectations and feedbacks.

Virtual meetings and conferences aren’t just limited to team members and client relationship managers. You may also conduct virtual AGMs or townhalls, involving the virtual presence of all the stakeholders and investors of an organization with virtual event platforms.

There are multiple virtual meetings platforms and solutions available in the market. You just have to choose the one that fulfils all your objectives and is secure enough for your organization’s needs. 

2. Curate Engaging Social Media Content

Social Platforms

Since everyone is staying at home and free, you should concentrate on your brand’s social media image at this time. Curate relatable, engaging and interactive social media content to get your customers hooked during this pandemic and indirectly use your social media presence to market your products, offer your services and generate new leads at the same time!

Taking the help of an experienced digital marketing agency can really come in handy here. They are adept in the art of milking social media and creativity to the best use for your brand!

3. Host Virtual Events

What do you do when your targeted audience can’t come to your event? You take the event to them! It is imperative to suspend all physical events with the onslaught of COVID-19 related movement and activity restrictions.

However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You can still host a event through a trusted, efficient and secure virtual events platform.

Virtual event management requires a lot less effort than that for live physical event management, and can be done by a few experienced and expert people, collaborating over virtual meetings and conferences. Visual marketing can help in increasing the viewership of your virtual webinars.

The best thing about virtual events is that regardless of your brand’s online positioning, you can draw out people to attend your event through online marketing on social media and Google.

Live virtual events are also the best way for brands to keep the show going. It helps in generating leads during unprecedented situations like the current pandemic. Learn more about webinars for marketing.

The kind of virtual events you can hold to engage customers and generate leads during this pandemic include virtual conferences and summits, trade shows and expos, career fairs for organizations, job and recruitment fairs for universities, product launches, fairs & expos.

You can make your virtual events and shows interactive by utilizing 3D holograms or virtual reality solutions in your shows. It will give customers an even more interactive experience with your virtual event.

4. Host Virtual Webinars

Virtual Webinar

Virtual Webinars are another way to tap customer engagement and participation in your brand’s activities. You can live stream your virtual webinars through virtual events platforms. Invite audience members to join in and become a part of the discussion themselves. It will allow your brand to have greater transparency and accountability in the long run, while getting some new leads!

You can also hold virtual webinars with clients and stakeholders. Discuss with them the way ahead for your relationships in light of the current ongoing situation.

Either way you decide to, hosting virtual webinars for your brand is definitely a win-win for both sides!

If you’re struggling with getting leads for your business during this COVID-19 pandemic, looking to help from an established, experienced and efficient live streaming agency might be the best way for you to generate leads!

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