Hybrid Events

What are Hybrid Events? – Definition and Advantages

Today, hybrid events have taken over a major market share on how events are taking place worldwide. It is sure to be the next big thing in the event world after all the hype about virtual events!

Many organisations around the world are using hybrid events to connect, network, and collaborate remotely for years. Whereas for some, the territory is still uncharted. The paradigm shift in ways of hosting events pushed enterprises around the world towards a hybrid event model. The need for an hour created the urgency for corporates to adopt the flexible event model. Right from hosting a hybrid AGM to a hybrid trade show, hybrid product launch, and more a virtual hybrid event platform serves all. 

Hybrid events are going to be the future,” said Roshan Abbas, Managing Director, Encompass and President, of EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association). During a virtual summit, he even mentioned the need for a hybrid of digital and live experiences.”

In this article, we are going to take a look at what exactly a hybrid event is and what benefits one gets when they plan to host hybrid events.

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are a perfect mix of live physical events and virtual events. It converges the best elements of both the event world thus enabling attendees to attend an event either by visiting an on-site location or remotely from the comfort of their own space.”

Hybrid events perfectly bridge the gap between offline and online events along with offering incredible benefits. It offers endless opportunities for marketers to expand their horizons and reach the untapped market and attendees as well. Right from improving substantial ROI to luring in more sponsors, virtual hybrid events come with many more advantages.

Whether you are planning to host hybrid events or virtual trade shows or conferences, a comprehensive virtual hybrid event platform caters to all.

Today, many options are available in the market to host hybrid events with a virtual event platform. Weighing the pros and cons of each platform is a must to leverage the right technology partner for your upcoming hybrid AGM, conference, or event.

Advantages of Hosting Hybrid Events

The hybrid events model came into existence long before the global pandemic took hold. Earlier, Hybrid events were mostly used by large-scale organisations that are widespread globally to connect with remote workforce and delegates. It’s not possible for everyone to gather in-person. It can be due to various reasons right from geographical constraints to space limitations. Here, hybrid events came into play to bring employees or attendees together under one roof virtually.

The recent pandemic has pushed organisations and brands to adopt new ways of hosting events. Hybrid events and virtual events came into the limelight as nations are abiding by social distancing protocols. Unsurprisingly, a spike in the percentage of hybrid events has been recorded recently.

Apart from the obvious health safety benefits, here is a list of some advantages of hosting a hybrid event:

#1. Enhanced Reach and Maximised Attendance

Enhanced reach and maximised attendance at an event is one of the biggest benefits of hosting hybrid events. Earlier, it has been believed by many organisers, hosting hybrid events will result in losing a quantum of attendees. But, the fact is the attendance at hybrid events have grown exponentially with enhanced reach.

The flexibility of the event model enables attendees to tune in from their smartphones or laptops remotely to join online sessions if they can not make it to the physical venue. A recent study clearly stated 96% of virtual attendees never thought about being a part of a live physical event.

It can be due to several factors. Firstly, they might live in a distant location and it’s not possible for them to make it to the event location. Second, they might not be aware of the merits of attending a physical event. Hybrid events open new realms for attendees who can not make it to the on-site location.

#2. Increased Engagements

“More engaged your audience is, the more likely your event will be successful”. Engaging the audience with your event is one of the significant aspects of a successful hybrid event. Comprehensive virtual event platform features distinguish a hybrid event from a pre-recorded video on Youtube.

A comprehensive virtual hybrid event platform enables virtual attendees to partake in ongoing online sessions virtually. In fact, they can be the part of games, live polls, discussions, quizzes, etc. held during the event same as in-person attendees. Many event planners utilise Social walls for virtual events to boost engagement levels. It enables attendees to have open discussions during breakout sessions and can be integrated into hybrid events as well.

Hybrid event solutions facilitate attendees to have real-time interactions during the event with attendees, speakers, sponsors & organizers via live chats. Host Hybrid Events With Virtual Event Platform that offers comprehensive engagement features to boost engagements.

#3. Reduced Costs

Hybrid events are a cost-effective solution to host any type of event. It results in reducing the cost of all the parties involved. The cost involved in traveling and accommodation gets escalated with hybrid events as attendees and speakers can partake in sessions remotely. Whereas the need for booking a larger event venue, hiring event staff, and all the other costs involved get reduced with hybrid events. With a stringent budget, one can host hybrid events to achieve optimal results. 

#4. Eco-Friendly Alternative

A positive impact on the environment due to reduced travel is foreseen during the lockdown. Empty streets have certainly affected the environment in the most positive way out. Hosting hybrid events is an eco-friendly alternative that reduces the disposal of waste, carbon footprints, pollution, etc. considerably.

#5. Better Sponsorship Opportunities

In comparison to conventional event formats, the hybrid event offers better sponsorship opportunities. It holds a greater value to exhibitors as it allows them to reach a wider audience segment. A large percentage of corporate exhibitors are more willing to participate in virtual hybrid events instead of physical events. It allows them to showcase their latest product offerings to a wide segment without any geographic constraints. However, hybrid events give the brand much-needed exposure.

#6. Capture Valuable Data and KPIs

The ability to capture valuable data and KPIs during the event is one of the significant advantages of hybrid events. Data collection has made it the first choice of event organisers and marketers today. It helps in measuring the performance metrics of an event. There is no solution to capture accurate data during live physical events, except the registrations. Whereas with hybrid events one can track every digital attendee move right from registrations till the event ends. Right from registrations to the booths they interacted with, what they downloaded, shared, etc. every move is captured and tracked.

#7. Substantial ROI

Hybrid events are scalable and do not have any constraints such as geographical or space limitations. However, the number of attendees attending an event can be limitless. It helps in generating more qualified leads with enhanced reach. Thus, a substantial rate of interest (ROI) is expected.


With the changing trends, organisations around the world adopted digital ways of hosting events. Hybrid events are the next big thing that is making a buzz. Undeniably, virtual hybrid events are the future of the event industry with the benefits it serves. It is a perfect solution that bridges the gap between conventional and virtual events seamlessly. Many big brands have hosted hybrid events and received commendable results.

It has been well anticipated, as the year 2020 was completely dedicated to virtual events, 2021 will be the year of the hybrid events.

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