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Tips to Host a Successful Hybrid/Virtual Healthcare Event

With the change in dynamics, the way events were hosted has been completely transformed. Today, almost every sector has shifted its offline events into a virtual landscape. And the healthcare industry is no other exception!

Nowadays, the healthcare sector is hosting hybrid/virtual medical conferences, meetings, health fairs, and various other events in their domain digitally. Thanks to advanced technological innovations, hosting healthcare events that focus on improving the health issues and wellbeing of individuals has become possible.

If stats are to be believed, ever since the pandemic hit the nations globally, virtual healthcare events have become an integral part of the medical sector. The need of an hour demands for an increase in virtual and hybrid health care events as today health safety has become the major concern of people. Additionally, these healthcare events have become a significant part of the healthcare industry to earn a livelihood.  

Virtual/hybrid healthcare events enable delegates to connect and network with a wide spectrum of attendees globally, thus ensuring health safety. To ensure a successful health care event, leveraging a comprehensive virtual event platform that offers an exuberant range of the most promising features is a must. With the help of virtual event technology, you can host any healthcare event digitally right from medical conferences, healthcare fairs, expos, medical talk shows, and more.

In this blog post, we have got you covered with a few effective tips to host a successful healthcare event online without any glitch. So, if you are planning to host a virtual healthcare event for the very first time, you are at the right place. Let’s get started!

8 Effective Tips To Host A Successful Virtual Healthcare Event

#1. Leverage The Right Virtual Event Technology

The first and foremost step to ensure a successful virtual healthcare event is, selecting the right technology. Choosing a comprehensive virtual event management platform is a must that offers a list of engaging and interactive features such as real-time live chats, poster halls, business card exchange, B2B meeting scheduler, and much more. 

Go with a platform that is built on the foundation of safety and trust and abide by all the protocols to ensure data privacy and security. Additionally, if a platform offers a complete analytics report by tracking each and every digital attendee’s move what’s better than that. It helps you gain a complete insight into the event.

#2. Do Not Skip Out On E-patients While Planning Virtual Healthcare Event

Take e-patients into account once you plan to go virtual with your healthcare events. As these patients are well versed with social channels, they gather all the necessary information regarding healthy well-being from there. Right from seeking effective ways to improve their health, lead a happy and healthy life to searching up for advanced treatments, these patients surf online channels to broaden their perspective and to collect information. When there is any change in the medical scope, e-patients stay up to date with it.

Not considering your e-patients while planning virtual healthcare events is not a brilliant idea. These patients always stay on their toes and keep on looking up for information regarding health. Research about your e-patients and what health issues they face, what kind of health information they seek, and so on before you go Live.

#3. Social Media Integration To Boost Event Attendance & Participation

As we all know, social media platforms have an endless number of active users around the world. Leveraging the power of social channels to extend your event reach and boost participation at your event has always been the best bet. 

Integrate social channels with your virtual healthcare event to make your event reach millions worldwide instantly. However, utilising eye catchy hashtags extend your event reach thus resulting in better attendance at your virtual healthcare event. 

Additionally, your virtual healthcare event stays for a longer period of time on social channels even after the event concludes. Moreover, you can ask your attendees to share the event glimpses on their respective profiles and stories. Thus resulting in maximizing reach and amplifying the attendance for the next as well. Furthermore, incorporating engagement strategies aligned with on-target earnings for healthcare professionals can enhance participation and create a rewarding experience for both organizers and attendees

#4. Enable Your Attendees To Connect, Network, And Engage

Engaging your attendees with an event is a must to ensure success. If your attendees are engaged with your event you are likely to receive optimal results and qualified leads. Networking plays a crucial role to engage attendees effectively. 

Ensure to offer ample networking opportunities to your attendees to connect and network effectively in a virtual and hybrid space. Allow your attendees to interact in real-time with live audio/video chats. You can even opt to organise live polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions, etc. during the healthcare event to gain attendee’s valuable opinions as well as keeping them engaged with the event throughout. If you are planning to organise a hybrid or virtual health fair you can utilise various other engaging features and integrate them at virtual booths. 

Organising a leaderboard challenge is also a smart move that you can embed in your virtual event. It motivates attendees to navigate all the aspects of the event in order to earn more points. Offer top 5 highest scorers with gift cards or discount coupons of the points earned.

#5. Create A Compelling Content

Engaging and compelling content is the key to ensure success and amplify engagements at the first step. Attendees are likely to get engaged with content that offers them value. Create compelling and valuable content for your virtual hybrid healthcare events keeping your potential audience in mind. 

You can opt to make the content more engaging by adding presentations, user stories, and more instead of only having speeches by speakers. The user stories help in evoking attendees’ interest leaving them wanting more. Making content more relatable and understandable to the audience is a smart trick to ensure a successful event.

#6. Collecting Research Papers Is A Crucial Step In Virtual Healthcare Event

Ensure you collect research papers from your shortlisted medical speakers in advance. Review the extracts and research papers before qualifying the speakers for your virtual healthcare event.

#7. Market Your Event

Promoting the event is the key to reach the maximum number of attendees effortlessly. Exert your marketing efforts in the right direction by identifying who your audience is. Create marketing and promotion strategies as per your potential target audience to get maximum out of it. You can even leverage the power of social channels to make your attendees aware of your upcoming event. 

#8. Follow-Up Survey

Do not forget to follow up with your attendees once the event is over. Send them a feedback form via email and ask them to share their event experiences and what feedback they would like to give. It helps in gaining a better understanding of the audience’s perspective and the event areas to work upon in future events.


By adopting the right strategy and planning and leveraging the right virtual event platform you are sure to host a seamless virtual healthcare event and receive optimal results out of it!

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