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Brand Activation For Event: Ideas, Strategy and Examples

Every brand always looks forward to deploying the best brand activation ideas for events. But how to find the best event activation strategies, ideas, and examples you need to look for? When you host an event it is crucial to bring your audience closer to your brand, connect with them and make a relationship.

However, it is not as easy to do so as there are no proven tactics available in the market. The whole internet is flooded with many brands’ advertisements, marketing posts, blogs, videos and whatnot. But all this is surely you doing for now. So, what’s new you can do? Think! Think! Okay at least guess… NO…

Think about the right event activation ideas and strategy that help your brand connect with your target audience and create a memorable experience. Here, in this blog, we are concluding all the essential aspects of the brand activations at events, ranging from ideas, strategy, examples and fun elements that you can count on. But before moving towards that first let’s understand the basics of it. So, let’s get started;

What is Brand Activation For Events?

In an event, brand activation is referred to as a marketing strategy that keeps the focus on creating a seamless experience for attendees. It is the activities that showcase and amplify the brand development strategy through interactive engagements and immersive experiences, directly connecting consumers with the essence of the brand. The goal of event activation in an event is to make a bridge that fosters a deeper connection between the brand and its audience. This bridge is important as it is meant to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately boost event registration and ticketing.

“In simple terms brand activation is the strategic deployment of elements in an event for attendees that maximise their engagement with the brand. Product sampling, demos, interactive exhibits, contests, giveaways, and other experiential marketing tactics are all brand activation examples. As all this implementation creates a positive brand association that ultimately enhances the brand’s reputation and ROI”.

It is time to take you to one of the crucial headings that you all are waiting for. The brand activation ideas;

Top 20 Brand Activation Ideas For Event

Brand activation is a crucial aspect of event planning, as it not only helps to enhance the overall experience for attendees but also creates a long-lasting impression of the brand. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 20 brand activation ideas for events that are sure to captivate and engage your audience. By incorporating these brand activation ideas into your event planner ensures you stay organized and proactive. Plan each step meticulously to ensure seamless execution, from initial brainstorming sessions to the final wrap-up.

Top 20 Brand Activation Ideas For Event

1. Push Attendees to Explore New Horizons at Your Event

We all like to be in our comfort zone and few of us might disagree with that. But what is the real take on that? It varies from person to person. However, one thing is common : everyone has a bucket list for which they can step outside of their comfort zone. That is where the memorable experience journey begins. As a brand at your next event tries incorporating such elements by conducting intrinsic research. Lots of people have bucket lists like scuba diving, bull riding, or simply even eating chocolates. As you can’t fulfil all, but somehow you can do something for this to make a lasting impression.

In the same context; here is a brand activation example we have researched for you. An Italian company that is in the business of selling horse riding and adventure sports equipment in their in-person event utilised an effective brand activation strategy. They offered a free ride on their mechanical bull. This way they have gathered a lot of attraction from attendees and this strategy helps them create a memorable experience for event attendees.

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2. Narrate Authentic Stories

A brand is not a renowned brand until it strongly establishes a meaningful connection with its target audience. Try narrating a credible story from an authentic person line your existing customer testimonial or influencers. We all have witnessed or might find ourselves doing this. Before visiting any hotel or buying anything we check their reviews, watch online demos and do other research. In the same sense, you can also use this idea in your brand activation strategy.

Make a pre-video to play on your event’s social media display wall. Simply ask your customers about what they love about your brand, products or services. Also, live reporting feedback is an excellent brand activation example to create a compelling story. Simultaneously broadcast this on your social channels and stream it live to reach more people and increase your online reach.

3. Incorporate Social Media as The Finest Brand Activation Strategy

Don’t we all use social media? Okay, let’s say you are not using it. But the harsh truth is almost everyone uses social media and now it’s become the most effective way to reach out to your target audience. There are many ways, by making reels, to post with relevant hashtags or social media campaigns.

Social media can be useful for the promotions of your next event and to implement branding fun activations at events. Start an effective social media campaign with new and unique hashtags# which can be utilised for feedback and for attendees to share their views, opinions and share their posts. This brand activation strategy can fulfil both promotions and in creating strong social proof.

4. Social Media Display Wall Serves Definite Purpose

As said above, incorporating social media is definitely a creative brand activation idea and an example of how to leverage people’s addiction into a profitable business. A social media display wall which showcases real-time user-generated content from all social networking sites like-  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube opens up numerous benefits.

Social Media Display Wall

In an on-ground event when the attendees are looking at this social wall, they can get motivated. And this motivation encourages them to create social media posts, enhancing the event’s social media activity.

5. Introduce Metaverse Technology At Your Event!

The Metaverse is the new era of innovation, and technologies can be the finest example of brand activation in this space. To make an immersive virtual space in the event, the metaverse can be utilised by attendees to play videos, check documents and capture photos via a 3D virtual booth. Additionally, exhibitors can also make virtual networking rooms.

If utilised the power of the metaverse in the right way, audience engagement can be maximised as there are a lot of opportunities to deploy event gamification ideas. An event is a fun place for participants, they are there to enjoy and for sure games and fun elements open many possibilities for audience engagement.

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6. AR & VR is a Game Changer

The use of augmented and virtual reality in events has revolutionised the way we inform and entertain people. These cutting-edge technologies provide 360-degree views of the event, allowing a wider audience to experience it. With virtual 3D lobbies and auditoriums, breakout sessions, live conferences, and Q&A sessions can be held seamlessly. Sponsors can benefit from interacting with visitors in a memorable and immersive way. Augmented and virtual reality have become game changers in the world of event technology, and integrating these technologies is the way forward for successful brand activation.

7. Event Activation With Live Streaming Of Your Event

The best way to involve your audience, create buzz, and reach a larger audience is by live-streaming an event. By incorporating social networking sites’ live streaming features brands can produce real-time videos that engage and inform their audience. This can broaden your community and raise your brand’s visibility. Communication can be facilitated by live conversations and Q&A sessions, which add to the event’s interactivity and humanization.

Event Activation With Live Streaming

It is crucial to understand that our world is dominated by social media and that brands that aren’t talking about their businesses on various platforms are losing out on chances to engage with their audience. In terms of an effective brand activation strategy, live streaming can completely change an event activation plan. To make it look professional there are many live-streaming service providers available in the market.

8. Encourage Participants With Engrossing Instalments

Who doesn’t like capturing their moments and especially in front of fascinating miniatures or monuments? For example; don’t you like to capture a photo in which the Burj Khalifa of Dubai comes in the frame? Based on the theme of your event you can deploy engrossing sculptures of different cartoon characters or something that attracts the audience.

Additionally, you can look forward to deploying event photo booths. As many people like to click their precious moments and this approach will help in creating a long-lasting impression.

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9. Give Your Audience A Break From Bustle

In an in-person event, not everybody is fond of being surrounded by a crowd. As there are few who like to need calm and relaxation. make a quiet, peaceful relaxation lounge where attendees can find the moment of their calm. It can consider the modern brand activation idea. To give you an insightful marketing activation example a well-known wine brand gives free access to the lounge. Where the attendees can sit, calm and relax while tasting their whine. This way participants tasted and loved the calmness they felt there.

10. A Social Media Challenge To Boost Awareness

Challenges are meant to be accepted until it’s legal. A social media challenge is the same sort of thing. Try encouraging your audience to take part by offering some reward. Let them post about your services or products with discoverable hashtags. This is a valuable brand activation strategy used by a pet food company. They challenged people to click a selfie with their pet while feeding them with their product. And the most liked will soon receive year-long food packets from the company for free.

11. Brand Activation Idea That Act As Problem Solver

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Think of an idea that resolves the real-life problem of your audience. This could be a positive on-ground activation idea which adds value to the attendees. For instance; If your company makes a protein bar or your product is a water bottle. How about offering samples in a marathon or cyclic event for free? This way the participant can feel energised, and resolve hunger and after the event, you can also take feedback.

12. Incorporate Popular Trends For Brand Activation

We live in a world where every day there is a specific trend that popularises. So, how about taking advantage of those trends in your brand activation strategy? Suppose if you have a beverage brand and any particular song or dance that is going viral or in the trending phase. Make an animated or professional video of your beverage dancing or simply remixing with the trend.

13. An Event App or Microsite Can Help You With Brand Activation

There are websites and mobile applications for everything from ordering a pizza to booking a cab. How about an event microsite or a mobile app that can help your brand reach a wider audience? There are many brand activation agencies that help you to make an event microsite or event app which can be used in various ways. In the first instance, it can help your audience to find all the information they are looking for about your next event. Additionally, the event app can be utilised to receive feedback, pools, Q&A sessions and many other things in real time.

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14. RFID-Enabled Event Badges

In a conference or trade show, event badges are widely used for a variety of purposes. The first reason is obviously to identify while the second is important with regards to you making your next brand activation strategy. As RFID-enabled badges or wristbands can track the moment and work as an access card too. In those cases, it is easier for the host to track the attendee’s attendance while eliminating the long queues due to manual checking.

RFID-Enabled Event Badges

15. Behind The Scene

Who says behind the scene is not important for the event participants? Make an incredible video with testimonials of your team to display their efforts in deploying the event activation in an effective tonne. Well, the video will act as a motivation for your team while showcasing the effort that your brand made in offering the experience to its attendees. This brand activation strategy plays a crucial role in establishing a sense of credibility.

16. Collaborate with Brands

There are many brands and competitors that have similar businesses. Collaboration can be effective for both brands. It’s not necessary to be similar brands, it can vary but somehow needs to be relevant. You can take this brand activation idea as an example of marketing activation at your event. For instance; A beverage company can partner with a chip company or something that suits it.

17. Influencers Marketing

Every brand has its brand ambassadors. Okay not necessarily. But having one can be a good approach. If I did not want to choose anyone. Still, in an on-ground event, you can choose to call some social media influencers or celebrities according to your budget. As there are many brand activation service providers and agencies which can help you find suitable influencers that suit your brand image.

To be very honest. People are influenced by influencers. That might be a reason why this brand activation example is still considered the best yet most effective.

18. Product Demonstration & Free Sampling

There is a secret of mine to reveal. I like freebies and sample products. Do you like that? Yes or No. Doesn’t matter much. A survey suggests that 73% of event attendees like to take free samples at their homes while 57% like to taste those freebies at the same time. It’s a great number for you to include this brand activation idea in your strategy.

19. Theme Parties Are a New Way of Event Activation Idea

Hosting a themed party is something unique if done in the right way. Choosing and investing time in the right theme that aligns with your new product or brand is an effective deployment of fun activation at events. To make it work for your next event consider this brand activation example as a saviour. If you are a pharmaceutical company which manufactures sunscreen or something like glucose. How about hosting an event in the summer on a beach and giving your sunscreen as a sample and a glucose drink to make them hydrated? This is the perfect approach to solving problems at the same time.

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20. Digital Currency Needs To be Accepted

Who carries cash nowadays and especially when there are options to pay directly from your bank account via mobile and applications? Digital currencies are not just bound with cards or mobile payments but also consider accepting crypto.

Despite the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies, which may result in their value either rising or falling at any time, hiring a professional event technology solution provider can alleviate concerns. These providers are well-equipped to assist you and your event in achieving success.

Wait! Wait! We have covered something more. Nowadays in-person events are not completed without the involvement of virtual or technology elements. So here we have concluded a few more event activation ideas;

  • Breaking the Ice
  • Introduce Live Speakers
  • Use Breakout or Special Rooms
  • Using Live Polling and Q&A
  • Run Contests
  • Deliver Swag packages

These were the top 20 brand activation ideas for the event. But the event activation is not just bound with it as there is always a term called ‘experimental marketing’ which you can try and test. We at Dreamcast believe in offering the best event activation solution not just aligning with your brand but giving your imagination a real scenario. To learn more about how we can help you book your free demo now with us. But don’t wait here as we have something more for you.

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Keep Reading!!

The 13 Ultimate Brand Activation Strategy For Event Success

Incorporating the right brand activation strategy is a powerful way to build your brand awareness. By creating an impactful marketing strategy and with useful tactics there are enormous possibilities to create an emotional connection with the audience and drive sales.

However, with rising competition, you need to look towards a strong strategy. Here we have concluded the 13 best brand activity strategies that help your brand stand out and create memorable experiences for your customers. So just have a look at what Dreamcast proved strategy;

  1. Utilise experiential marketing tactics
  2. Provide opportunities for customer participation and co-creation
  3. Influencer marketing & social media campaign
  4. Gamification into your event activation
  5. Exclusive promotions with incentives
  6. Create a sense of urgency or exclusivity
  7. Utilise interactive elements with innovative technology
  8. Align with appropriate societal or cultural trends
  9. Leverage collaboration with local businesses or organisations
  10. Ensure a seamless, memorable experience and emotional connection to the customer
  11. Use data-driven insights to inform your strategy
  12. Measure the impact and success of your activation
  13. RFID, QR-Based badges, and digital currency

The knowledge of potential strategies is valuable. However, knowing the examples is crucial. So, next, we have covered the brand activation examples for you.

13 Best Effective Brand Activation Examples

These effective brand activation examples are based upon the above 13 top strategies and are point by point for easy understanding. So, have a look to maximise your event success;

Best Effective Brand Activation Examples
  • Hosting an interactive pop-up event featuring your brand’s products or services to engage with customers.
  • Encouraging customers to submit their own product ideas or designs, then creating a limited-edition product line based on their input.
  • Collaborating with a social media influencer to promote your brand through sponsored posts or giveaways.
  • Incorporating a scavenger hunt or other game-like activity into your activation to create excitement and engagement.
  • Offering exclusive discounts or special promotions to customers who participate in your activation.
  • Hosting a VIP event or limited-time-only product release to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  • Creating an interactive installation using innovative technology, such as augmented reality or virtual reality, to create a memorable and unique experience.
  • Aligning your activation with a relevant societal or cultural trend, such as sustainability or diversity and inclusion.
  • Partner with local businesses or organisations to create a community-focused activation that promotes your brand while supporting the community.
  • Creating an immersive and personalised customer experience, such as a pop-up shop with custom products or interactive elements.
  • Using data analytics to track and analyse customer engagement and sentiment to improve future activation strategies.
  • Offering RFID or QR-based badges and digital currency to incentivize customers to participate in your activation.
  • Measuring the success of your activation by tracking key performance indicators such as social media engagement, foot traffic, and sales.

Up To You

There is nothing which needs to be informed to you, but at last. Before incorporating any strategy or deploying any brand activation examples or ideas into your real strategy. Try talking with experts in the field like brand activation agencies or service providers. To help you out from any future bustle, you can contact Dreamcast and look forward as your valuable partner for a seamless brand activation enriched event.


What is a brand activation idea?

Brand activation is a creative approach that a brand uses to maximise its engagement with its attendees to promote its brand awareness while establishing a strong relationship.

What is an example of brand activation?

A good example of brand activation in an event can be considered any big brand. Like Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign where they distributed personalised bottles with customer names on them.

What are event activation strategies?

The event activation strategy is simply a technique used by brands to boost their brand awareness and engage the audience with their experiential marketing or influencers or social media campaign and others.

What are the goals of brand activation?

The primary goals of brand activation in an event are to improve brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and ultimately boost ROI.

What is brand activation at events?

An impactful marketing strategy designed to connect customers with a brand and create memorable interactions is referred to as a brand activation event. It generally consists of events such as product launches, pop-up shops, and sponsored events.

How do you plan a brand activation?

Planning a successful brand activation requires identifying your target audience, creating a compelling concept, setting measurable goals, and partnering with experienced vendors and influencers.

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